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  1. Hi! I applied and was accepted to NYU, Boston U, Bryn Mawr, & UPenn. Obviously just by the names, they were super expensive. I decided to go to Rutgers because it has what I have heard to be an amazing reputation for the MSW program and a lot of pull from the name (surprisingly to me) both in and out of NJ. It's respected. Another major reason I decided to go to Rutgers was because I couldn't justify going into so much debt for a social work degree. It was really between Rutgers and Penn, and Penn gave me a good chunk of change but it didn't make that much of a difference when their tuition was 100k alone (not including the cost of living in Philly). Given that I'm not expecting to make a ton of $ after I get my Masters, I figured I should go with the better financial option for me, especially if I'm not really taking a hit from an education stand point. I've also heard a couple other students from my school say some things about Penn's program which made me feel a little bit better about turning them away. Right now the goal is to become an LCSW, LCADC and work with children to middle adulthood. I don't have any specific areas of focus, and I'm hoping my field placements help me with that. Trauma work sounds really cool, as well as domestic violence work. What about you?
  2. Hi! I applied and was accepted into Bryn Mawr back in February. What questions do you have? I can try to answer, but I'l have to admit I didn't look into Bryn Mawr too seriously. I go to TCNJ now, and our schools have a partnership that made things a lot more accessible (more classes transfer, no app fee, etc) so I took advantage of that, but after looking at the bigger picture I decided to go elsewhere.
  3. Decided on Rutgers NB! I started a thread for any other people who decided they'd be going there so we could ask questions/get to know each other https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/117857-rutgers-new-brunswick-msw-2019-2021/?tab=comments#comment-1058691423
  4. I figured I would start a thread for those who will be attending Rutgers NB for their MSW since I haven't seen one yet. Looking forward to talking to some of you 🙂
  5. Does anyone know when course registration/field work placement process begins? Also, I was given an extension until 4/15
  6. I got my acceptance email! & to those asking, I received the scholarship notice in the same email as well, but I plan to ask for more.
  7. Hi everyone! I applied January 9th, just making the priority deadline. I then received an email saying I should hear back by the end of February. BU is the only school I haven't heard back from so I'm ready to know whether its a yes or a no lol. Does anyone know BU's rep for providing aid (are they generous or not?)? I'd be coming from NJ so I'd really need a good chunk of money to even consider going there given I'd probably need an apartment or something.
  8. Boston U is the only school I haven't heard back from yet, has anyone heard anything this week?
  9. For anyone also struggling with deciding between ivy league schools and a state school, here's a great thread!
  10. I found this really great thread basically about picking between ivy league and state schools. I'll link it:
  11. Yeah I've only recieved the scholarship information. I'm curious as to graduate assistantship opportunities.
  12. Hi! I am also debating between schools that have a hefty price tag (expensive but great name value) v. a state school that naturally is cheaper. Rutgers is also in the mix for me, and while I haven't made a decision its important to remember that RU has a really good MSW program that is often name dropped when you ask people (on the east coast at least) where one should think about applying for MSW. So while it isn't an NYU, you still have a little name value and significantlyyyyy less in loans, especially considering we probably wont be making a crazy amount. But this is just me thinking from a more "reasonable" standpoint. I'm still debating lol
  13. v.oye

    UPenn MSW

    Hello! I received 22k total, so it is still a hefty price to take on with 78k left. If anyone has any tips for getting more, let me know lol
  14. I just received my acceptance as well! Does anyone want to talk about financial aid offers?
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