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  1. katface

    UW Seattle MSW Fall 2019

    Congrats!! Where else did you apply? Are you waiting on any other admissions?
  2. katface

    BU MSW Fall 2019

    Congrats!! Can I ask when you submitted your app and when today you receive your admission letter??
  3. katface

    BU MSW Fall 2019

    @Tomlinson87 thank you so much!!
  4. katface

    BU MSW Fall 2019

    I haven't seen a thread (or comments to a thread) about BU yet... Has anyone heard anything yet? I submitted all of my applications by December 1st. Thanks in advance!!
  5. katface

    UW Seattle MSW Fall 2019

    Hi everyone! Also waiting to hear from UW... just found out from UM that I was admitted on 2/7, but still very nervous about UW... hoping you all hear good news soon!
  6. katface

    U of Illinois, Chicago MSW, 2019

    Hi everyone! I was admitted to UIC on 1/16, paid my enrollment deposit by 1/29 (due date) and received information about starting the field placement process on 2/4. I need scholarships so I paid the enrollment deposit and am finishing up their scholarship application (due by 2/15), but am still waiting on other programs, so I'm not sure I'll end up at UIC. Has anyone started the field placement process yet? If I end up at UIC, I don't want to start this too late for fear of missing out on my preferred placement, but I don't really know how long the process will take and don't want to secure a placement only to cancel my enrollment/pull out of placement in the end... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! P.S. I was admitted to UM on 2/7 and am waiting to hear back from UW and BU still... I'm using this next step in life to also move away, so I likely won't accept UM and am hoping for either UW or BU... fingers crossed!

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