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  1. The best advice that I could give you is: Everything will be fine, and it’s totally normal to be a bit fluxed after graduating from undergrad (congratulations!!!). A gap year is a good way to hone in on your focus and also take a breather from school; I would actually say take two years off to get some post-college experience, which can help differentiate you from other candidates. I would also recommend volunteering a little bit in addition to working full-time so that way you could vary up your recommendations and resume. I don’t want to be cliché when saying this but the adage is true: “The only way to fail is if you don’t try.” The worst that any school could do is reject you, and that would be fine, not finitely life altering, while conversely an acceptance could be life changing. I don’t think I did anything too special for admittance to grad schools; if you offer a compelling personal statement, have good recommendations and a solid resume, I’m sure most grad schools would love to have you. I’m attending UChicago SSA, and thinking of pursuing a PhD, so I hope to see you around on-campus someday, perhaps. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.”
  2. Hello! I applied to UChicago because I liked how their program focuses on macro social work with the social administration concentration. I’ve seen where lots of alumni have been able to transition into policy, government, and nonprofit jobs from this program at SSA, though I no little about the clinical side of the school. A huge piece at SSA that I’ve heard is being generally geared toward social justice issues and making learning applicable in the broader Chicago community. Depending on your career goals, if pursuing the social admin route, SSA could be a great place. SSA offered me the least money of all my offers but I chose to attend due to the quality of the program, professors, curriculum, and school reputation for macro. Also, Hyde Park is a very diverse, vibrant community that contributes to the learning environment as well. I know this isn’t a ton of information, but it’s all I know from talking to students and alum.
  3. Rooting for everyone to receive admission with solid funding; good luck!
  4. Congratulations on your acceptances!!! Fingers crossed for UW & BU, with good funding too. Amen!
  5. I am sorry to hear about this; I am sure that good news will come with the cycle!
  6. Hi everyone! I also did, in fact, receive a physical acceptance letter today from UChicago, and it was a very exciting feeling.
  7. I have not received a physical letter yet either; I’m wondering if it was a different program or something. I live in Chicago so if it was mailed, it would have arrive same day. So I’m wondering if they will mail everyone a letter. However, I did receive a nice greeting card from SSA.
  8. Congrats on being accepted, especially with solid scholarships! Very much might see you both in the fall at SSA.
  9. I believe that the amount is renewable for the next year as long as the student remains in good academic standing.
  10. Many congratulations on your acceptance!!! It’s always something special — for me at least — about having a physical acceptance letter in your hands, so I’ll patiently await mine.
  11. Nice; Bridgeport is a solid place as well. There are some nice bungalows in Chatham, though I’m probably going to get a place in the Jackson Park area (which is really up-and-coming, especially with its proximity to UChicago and the Obama Foundation). If you’d like to talk more in-depth, I’m happy to message you privately here to not derail OT too much.
  12. Another Chicagoan indeed! Fortunately I’m not in this polar vortex with frost quakes, but if you are please stay warm! I was born on the SS, grew up in the Chatham area and then moved toward Hyde Park on Woodlawn (so I’d be able to walk to UChicago).
  13. Thank you, my friend. Your path will lead you to somewhere great; and I hope to hear about it one day.
  14. Many congrats!!! I share your excitement.
  15. I also was accepted to SSA with a good scholarship so this actually makes the decision much more challenging! Good thing that we have until April to make that decision; so it’s possible we could end up in the same place.
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