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  1. I applied for a masters program while I am still in my undergrad studies; however, I do graduate in this upcoming May before the master's program even starts. I have not received an acceptance letter, so I am just about preparing myself for a rejection later. I know that experience matters. I do have several years of experience in the social services field both paid and volunteer. I have a 3.86 GPA and the three recommenders were a social worker, a psychologist and a former professor. I can not understand why I would not be accepted. The only thing I could think of is it possibly being the fact that I am still in my undergraduate studies and maybe they have a preference for people who have completed their bachelors already. Has anyone applied to grad school before completing their bachelors and been accepted?
  2. Genia13


    I have noticed that a lot of people have gotten acceptance letters from various programs at UIUC. It seems that they do them by the college/division. However, I have not seen many acceptance letters being reported from their MSW program. I am so beyond anxious surrounding being accepted or rejected at this point. I feel because it is March 1st, that it is almost too late to get an acceptance letter and I should just accept that I am going to get a rejection ? Anyone else still waiting for letters although its March?
  3. I only applied to one school, so I am very nervous. Today is the 1st of March. They say I will get a notification by March 15. I submitted in December. However, other people got notifications at the beginning of February, so I already think that's a bad look. ?
  4. Congrats!! ?That has to be super exciting! Did you have to go through an interview process or did you just receive an acceptance letter? Also, when did you submit your application? I am feeling total bummed that I did not submit my application earlier and wonder if my odds are less likely because I submitted it so close to the deadline. And the fact that my undergrad university took a long time submitting my transcripts. But I am trying to be optimistic.
  5. I applied to UIUC MSW program for 2019 and I have been anxiously checking the status of my application almost every day, and it does not seem that much has changed. I have heard some people viewing different parts of their application as verified. Has anyone received acceptance or rejection letters from UIUC MSW program for 2019 yet?
  6. No, UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) has the mental health concentration as well. ?
  7. Thanks! I have applied to UIUC. I had no idea that SIU; however, SIU is hours away and I am not interested in relocating at this time.
  8. I am hoping to attend grad school for Social Work with a concentration in mental health; therefore, I only applied to the University of Illinois because they are, at this point, the only public school that I see offers that curriculum in Illinois. I am looking to stay in Illinois and really interested in a school that has evening courses and flexible hours, and the university has to be public as that is a requirement for me to use my state issued scholarship. Does anyone have recommendations on other schools that are public and in Illinois that have this concentration? Also, what are your thoughts on only applying to one school?
  9. Sounds great! If you would like me to read over yours, just let me know. I would be more than happy to return the favor. Thanks again! GradSchoolPersonalStatement_revision.docx
  10. Hey guys! I have been spending the last two months or so working on my personal statement and have read numerous samples and tips, but still do not feel totally confident in it. At this point, I am just looking for someone to possibly help me by reading over it and providing their honest feedback. Or if you have a personal statement that you are working on as well, I would be happy to provide you feedback. Thanks in advance!
  11. I’m applying to MSW programs, and I’m looking for feedback on my personal statement as well. I’m more than happy to swap!
  12. Hello! I’m also in the process of applying to U of Illinois, but I’ve applied to Urbana - Champaign campus! Have you applied to any other MSW programs?
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