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  1. I have not heard anything from UPitt yet. I feel like we will not hear anything till Feb.
  2. The second one is mine, sorry. I followed up because I'm curious on whether this is a formal or informal interview (request from the applicant).
  3. Same, I've heard nothing. Sending good vibes your way! I'll keep you posted if I do!
  4. I also applied to UT and NYU. No information from either school.
  5. Yikes! Wondering if this was an informal interview or a request from the program.
  6. Has anyone heard from Berkeley, UCLA, or NYU?
  7. I was just notified by PI at the University of Michigan that formal invitations went out via phone call. I'm disappointed that I did not receive a phone call but so much relief from finding out! The waiting game is so hard. Congrats to people who got the call!
  8. The poster who received a phone call from PI from University of Michigan be willing to share PI initials?
  9. To the person who posted about the preliminary interview to the University of Michigan's program, would you be willing to share the PI's initials?
  10. Boston University sent out an email saying we should hear back in 4 to 6 weeks of the deadline date (Jan. 15). If you applied there, sending good vibes your way!
  11. Has anyone heard from the University of Michigan's clinical psychology program?
  12. Hello, Anyone out there applied to the PhD program in Social Work at NYU this year...?
  13. Good luck Dazen! I went to Texas Tech for my undergrad. I would not recommend the town for 4 to 5 years though. Way too boring. But, if you like suburban/calm and being close to New Mexico then it's a plus. The airport charges WAY TOO MUCH for flights to leave Lubbock.
  14. Anybody else still coping with the fact that you spent a significant amount of time on doctoral applications and have to wait up till January or February to hear back from schools? I'm not good at waiting...the suspense!
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