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  1. Thank you for the insight! That makes a lot of sense. I did get in to Michigan, and I think it's a fantastic program - one of my best friends actually just finished her MSW from UM and loved it. The reason I'm not really considering UM is because I've lived in Michigan my entire life, lived in Ann Arbor for 6+ years, and my fiance and I are ready for a change. We see this as a safe opportunity to move away for a limited time before settling down near family (both of our families live in close proximity in Michigan). I love Ann Arbor, it's an amazing town, but I want to have exposure to different cities, different lifestyles, different cultures that come with bigger cities, etc. etc. And in the end, I didn't receive enough in scholarship to make it that much more financially feasible, to be honest. While UM is an amazing program, I'm of the belief that it's more about what you make of your degree than where it's from, and life is too short to not go out and explore the world (I'm ready to get out of the Midwest)!
  2. I'm at a major standstill, too. I went to BU's admitted student day this past weekend which was a nice way to see the campus/classrooms and get a feel for the staff. It was an enjoyable experience, but seeing the cost of living that they estimated for us as students was really jarring... I'm planning on visiting Seattle this weekend and will hopefully make my decision by next weekend, after visiting both schools and cities. I'm really hoping someone can share their thoughts on which program is better for clinical track, though....
  3. Hi everyone! I'm going to be a clinical track student and am deciding between Boston University and University of Washington. Can people provide input/resources to help me make the determination? Anyone willing to share why they chose either program? I'm moving from the Midwest, and will be taking out a lot in loans to pursue my MSW. Cost of living is also going to be a huge financial shock, so I really want to be sure that I'm making the right choice. Any input is greatly appreciated!!
  4. I am in the same boat as you. I am going into clinical track and am either going to BU or UW. I would love to hear more about why UW is the wrong choice if you are going clinical or would like to go into private practice later on. Are there any resources or tips to help people decide? I've received nothing but loans from both programs, which really hurts, especially since I'll be moving from the Midwest to either of the country's most expensive cities... I want to make sure I'm making the right choice, especially since I'll be paying off these loans until the end of time.
  5. I was admitted to the Day program on 3/15. I'm deciding between UW and BU! In my email it said to keep an eye out for scholarships... has anyone heard anything from UW about scholarship, yet?
  6. I just received my acceptance letter at 9PM EST!!!!
  7. I'm using grad school as an opportunity to move out of state, and I applied to full-time programs only. I used each programs estimated budget documents to get an idea of what it might cost me to attend (tuition & everything else). UIC tuition for out-of-state is $34,706 (per year), plus the cost of living (rent, books & supplies, medical insurance, etc) which they've estimated at about $16,500 (per year). So for a 2 year program, that's $102,412. Now I know that isn't exact, as some of the estimates can fluctuate greatly (personal expenses, rent, etc. are really variable) depending on the person/situation, but I know that just tuition will be at least $69k (not accounting for possible tuition increases during the 2nd year of grad school) and I'm sure rent for 2 years in Chicago will be at least $10k.
  8. I was only offered loans as well. It's not making me have cold feet - I've been working for a few years and know this is the path I want to take. I am expecting at least $80k in loans by the end of it, and while it does cause a lot of stress and anxiety to think about, I know it's what I need to do in order to pursue the career path that I want. It's definitely a huge investment, but I'm hoping it's worth it...
  9. I did not receive any scholarships from UIC and I have at least 2 other options lined up for grad school... UIC is actually the most expensive option for me. That's why I'm really waiting on doing the field placement process, because right now, I don't see myself ending up there. It's good to know that, once I hear back from the last program that I applied to, if I decide to do UIC the field placement will at least move quickly.
  10. Mine said the same thing. It sounds to me like that means we have to find alternate forms of scholarship/funding.
  11. Just got my acceptance email from BU today at 6:25pm EST!!
  12. I just got my acceptance email at 6:25pm EST!!
  13. We have a BU thread here. Some people have said that they'd hear back by the end of the day tomorrow. I talked to their admissions office today and they told me I'd hear by the end of the month (next Friday). So, who really knows...
  14. Hi again, everyone! I applied to BU on 12/1 (regular, full-time, on-campus) and called their admissions office yesterday to ask for a general timeline of when I'd hear back, as U of M is waiting on my enrollment deposit (due 3/15) and I don't want to pay the $300 if I don't have to... They told me that I'd know by the end of the month (so next Friday). I see that others have heard that they'll receive a decision by end of day tomorrow... I'm hoping this doesn't mean I'll hear bad news...
  15. Congrats!! Where else did you apply? Are you waiting on any other admissions?
  16. Congrats!! Can I ask when you submitted your app and when today you receive your admission letter??
  17. @Tomlinson87 thank you so much!!
  18. I haven't seen a thread (or comments to a thread) about BU yet... Has anyone heard anything yet? I submitted all of my applications by December 1st. Thanks in advance!!
  19. Hi everyone! Also waiting to hear from UW... just found out from UM that I was admitted on 2/7, but still very nervous about UW... hoping you all hear good news soon!
  20. Hi everyone! I was admitted to UIC on 1/16, paid my enrollment deposit by 1/29 (due date) and received information about starting the field placement process on 2/4. I need scholarships so I paid the enrollment deposit and am finishing up their scholarship application (due by 2/15), but am still waiting on other programs, so I'm not sure I'll end up at UIC. Has anyone started the field placement process yet? If I end up at UIC, I don't want to start this too late for fear of missing out on my preferred placement, but I don't really know how long the process will take and don't want to secure a placement only to cancel my enrollment/pull out of placement in the end... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! P.S. I was admitted to UM on 2/7 and am waiting to hear back from UW and BU still... I'm using this next step in life to also move away, so I likely won't accept UM and am hoping for either UW or BU... fingers crossed!
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