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  1. I interviewed several weeks ago and only just heard back I got in - and not even through an official letter yet, just by going on the portal when I was trying to figure out how to decline lol. Make sure you check the portal, not just your email!
  2. Don't call attention to it. I wouldn't do anything
  3. I called the office and they said they’re fairly swamped and couldn’t give a timeline so I would sit tight
  4. It did not! And ah I know it’s hard to wait! Best of luck
  5. To help folks still waiting - I found out I was accepted today to the regular 2 year track via the portal (no email yet). I applied first week in Jan, recs were all in on Jan 15th.
  6. Curious what people know / have heard about which are the best programs for Children, Youth & Families? I'm personally considering Michigan / UT / NYU / Hunter. If anyone can compare those for this focus area, would love your insight!
  7. I also have “pending interview” on my app but haven’t heard anything via email yet about scheduling.
  8. I think it mostly is a reflection of who they enroll. Hunter has an interview process that they partially use to test social justice awareness. While a portion of NYU students are there to go into private practice and less interested in social justice. The cost differential also means the lived experiences of students enrolling in Hunter vs NYU differ a bit. The other contributing factor I’ve heard is Hunter has a community organizing track, which attracts students particularly interested in social justice. Historically, NYU branded itself as clinically rigorous and Hunter branded as focused on social justice. NYU has been trying to change that from everything I have seen (admission essay prompt, info sessions, their DROP course), but you only have to go on their admitted students page to see there’s still significant issues and active student debate on racism on campus.
  9. Most of what I've heard is that Hunter is considered more prestigious within NY because it's more selective because more people apply since it's more affordable. Obviously, if you leave NY, NYU name carries more weight. The main complaint I hear about Hunter is that administration is painful - as you've probably seen from the application process. Slow / don't respond to emails, really have to advocate for yourself, etc. NYU also has the edge if you want to go into private practice, conversely, Hunter is considered to have more of an emphasis on social justice.
  10. Not international, but I haven't heard back yet either - wouldn't stress! My application was complete 1/15. The two people on this thread who've been accepted both said they applied in December, so I'm giving it at least two weeks before I start to worry
  11. Thanks for sharing!! When did you apply?
  12. Thanks for responding! any tips / advice on reasons to give for making the appeal? I only got 12K and would like to get it bumped up to the 17 or at least 15, but without knowing what they base the awards on it's hard to know. The other schools I applied to are public schools so I don't expect to get much if any aid, but their total dollar $ is still lower, so planning to use that.
  13. Just FYI if you haven't seen it - since UT is public, you can see the average GPA / selectivity / yield by program here: https://gradschool.utexas.edu/admissions/where-to-begin/admissions-and-enrollment-statistic Was helpful to me!
  14. Hi guys! Does anyone have insight on what additional funding might be available beyond the up to 17K that is given in the admissions offers? I know that there's other scholarships that you can apply for after being admitted / over the summer? But I'm wondering what the odds of getting those are, what average award is etc. Trying to get a sense for what the final sticker price is actually likely to be. Also, has anyone met with financial aid at one of the open hours and found it helpful? For context - I'm a career changer who has decent personal savings from my past jobs, so I'm probably not a candidate for most need based awards, but I may be wrong. We'll see how FAFSA shakes out.
  15. Nope, applied first week of Jan, application switched to "in review" and "forwarded to grad committee" maybe 10 days ago?, but haven't heard a decision.
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