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  1. Sorry to hear that. Call them up to ask why you were rejected and then ask if you can appeal their decision. I hope you get into CSUF!
  2. Seeing your list for both the Cal State and UW, you definitely have more pros on the UW list. All other pros aside, I would pick UW mainly because of the tuition factor. The fact that your tuition is covered is an amazing deal. I would argue that you might make more money after you graduate because you won't have any loans to worry about. I'm also not sure what you mean by "no hospital internships". Do you mean fieldwork placements? They do offer field placements in health clinics and hospitals depending on your concentration. I know that the clinical social work concentration has plenty of options. Some options are Seattle Children's Hospital, UW Hospital and Medical Center, Swedish Family Medical Clinic, etc. You can find the full list for every concentration on UW social work website. Plus, I'm sure they have resources in terms of getting your license and finding a job after you graduate. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Ok. I was just wondering. Those should be out by early April, so next week at the latest. Good luck!
  4. I got loans, but what about department funding awards? Did they also notify you about that?
  5. Congrats on your acceptance to BC and on your scholarship! I'm really happy for you 😊 I was hoping to stay in California but I might be going out of state. I got rejected to UCLA which was my first choice 😕 and I'm still waiting on Cal State Long Beach and Cal State LA. So far, I've been accepted to UW and BU and I'm leaning more toward UW. I just need to hear back from financial aid first before I make a decision.
  6. Congrats! Yeah, I received a 16k scholarship and 20k loans. Not sure I can afford to go. 😭 What about you?
  7. I applied for that deadline and got accepted today
  8. Me too. I emailed them and they said financial aid is coming out "in the next few weeks" and to check your email for updates. Good luck!
  9. University Of Southern California Electrical And Computer Engineering, Masters (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 13 Mar 2019 13 Mar 2019 report spam What a waste of 250k. I was going to join on a water polo scholarship. I'm telling my mother about this. You can't deny legacies like this. Love these hilarious college admissions fraud references xD
  10. Has anyone heard about financial aid or scholarships?
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