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  1. I did decide that I will apply to RIC. Before any awards may be given it is by far the cheapest option for me because of in-state tuition. I can always decide after I receive award letters from other schools which school I will go to. There's the chance that after awards are given that there other schools might present as affordable or more affordable than RIC.
  2. So, the biggest oddballs for me are Washington University in St Louis and Chapel Hill. I've never been to either place and it's hard to tell if I'd enjoy it, especially after graduation. I am planning on visiting both schools in the next few months though. At least with Chapel Hill, I can go to Charlotte after graduation. If I go to RIC, I have no interest in staying in Rhode Island after graduation. As for the other schools, I can see myself in Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Seattle for a number of years after graduation.
  3. Question, so each school wants a resume or CV of sorts. If you have things that are less relevant in your resume are you still including it? Are you trying to make it complete with few/no gaps in time or are you trying to make it most relevant and keep it to one page? Look forward to what you all have done or plan to do.
  4. Hi, so I'm kind of stressed out right now, and I haven't even applied to any schools yet. I have read previously to not take into consideration the tuition too much right now as you don't know what the final amount will be until you hear back from them their offers. That being said, I'm struggling to do that. The schools that I'm planning on applying to are Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) , CaseWestern, UW Seattle, Chapel Hill, UofChicago, and UPenn. Chapel Hill and UW Seattle are both about $34k/yr, WashU is about $42k/yr, CaseWestern $45k/yr, and the big two UofC and UPenn about $50k+/yr. I'm really interested in the schools that have programs that I can focus on youth through BOTH school social work and Non Profit Management as I want to be able to work with marginalized youth and I have desires working in both school social work and also through a non profit that supports these youth. WUSTL, Case, and UWSeattle have the best programs for me that I can do that (that I have found). At WUStL is can get a children youth and families concentration with a school social work track and a specialization in management. At Case I can get a school social work focus with a certification in non profit management (or dual degree) and at UW I have a couple options. The other three are not my top choices but I believe have good programs that i would benefit from....but especially UPenn and UofC are $$$ but offer great courses that I think are really interesting and would help me be better in social work. Am I being crazy? Should I be applying to UIC instead of UofC as it's $20k/yr less? Should I be applying to RIC? I live in Rhode Island currently and they have a non profit certification as well and it would only cost $9600/yr but that would mean I'd have to stay here two more years and both my wife and I are unhappy here. Ultimately, I'm worrying too much about tuition when I keep hearing I shouldn't worry too much about it until I have my offers....but should I be applying to cheaper schools if I'm concerned about costs now? I don't want to apply to too many schools. My GPA was okay. I received a 3.12 but progress is definitely noticeable. I received a 2.7 in community college and then a 3.4 at the University level and then took 4 courses afterwards for certifications and for personal growth, getting a 4.0 which would boost my GPA ultimately to about a 3.2. I do have transcripts for all of this. Thoughts on any of this is appreciated.
  5. I'm applying to eight different Universities for their MSW (or equivalent) programs. WashU UPenn U of Washington Seattle U of Chicago Chapel Hill Case Western and two programs in Europe All of them are pretty competitive. I got my BS in Kinesiology in 2008 and my GPA was about a 3.07, though my last year I got about a 3.9 and was on the dean's list. Plus, after graduation I went to a community college and took some courses in Spanish and for an EKG certification and received a 4.0 in those 12 units. I will be sending in both transcripts. I haven't worked in the Social Work field persay but I have worked in the medical industry for about four years and have worked as a youth group leader for about four or five years as well. I want to work with and help at risk youth and possibly young adults through the context of a school social worker position or through a non profit that supports them. When applying, are you applying to one or two backup schools in case you don't get accepted into the more competitive programs? If so what are these schools? Lastly, I've read a few times on this site about not needing to go to one of the more prestigious universities as it's not worth it in the MSW programs and it's best to get a degree from a cheaper university where I can still obtain a license from. Please explain further as I feel like most of us are still applying to the more expensive schools. Which cheaper schools are actually worth taking the MSW to get a license?
  6. Hello, I'm looking at social work programs in Europe: Mälardalen University, Vytautas Magnus University, and Mykolas Romeris University. The first two I am more interested in than the last. Has anyone had any experience with these schools? I'm interested in these schools because they would be much more cost effective for me going to them....However, I have concern of how I will be able to apply the degree back in the US when I return. I am hoping to work with marginalized youth in the context of school social work or in a non profit that supports marginalized youth and maybe young adults through job training, services, and relationship building. Any help appreciated. P.S. the schools in the US I'm looking at are Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), University of Washington, University of Chicago, Chapel Hill, and Case Western.
  7. I hear you. I'm looking at schools myself and trying to limit them. Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington (Seattle), University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve, and Chapel Hill are all my top choices. I'm also looking at two Masters in Social Work programs overseas: Mälardalen University and Vytautas Magnus University. I'm looking at them because it will be much more cost effective for me to go there but I don't know how hard it will be to apply degrees from said schools back in the US. I want to work with marginalized youth in either a school social worker context or in a non profit that supports marginalized teens and young adults especially through job and skill training. A program like Washington University in St. Louis where I can get an MSW with a children, youth and families concentration with a school social work track and a specialization in either management or social entrepreneurship would be fantastic for me. I'm not sure how much weight I should put on the school tuition NOW or wait until later when I have applied for Aid.
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