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  1. If anything we might just doing a version of the online program. I would be surprised if schools remained closed by then, but who am I?
  2. I got rejected by UPenn yesterday. On the positive side, I got accepted to my top two schools. I think it also shows how much effort I put into them. I spent weeks writing my personal statements and essays for my top two schools. My other schools I did a lot of copying and pasting. I guess it shows.
  3. Don't assume the worst. Maybe they want you so bad but are trying to see if they can find money from different sources to give you a larger offer. Let me know! I interviewed on Monday.
  4. ham, maybe I was confused with CWRU. I knew you were accepted to one of the schools I applied to.
  5. weird, I thought you were accepted already.
  6. In their last email I received from them they indicated they would be making decisions through mid March. So, probably within the next 2.5 weeks, yes?
  7. Congrats! They are one of my top two schools! I haven't made my decision at this time but who knows, I may end up seeing you there.
  8. I am still waiting to hear back from Chapel Hill myself. But I applied January 2nd.
  9. I'm trying to let them know that it is not financially feasible for my family to take out $70,000 in loans, as they are suggesting.
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