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  1. Yes! I got an email to check my portal
  2. yes, I got an email to check my portal!
  3. I was accepted into UNC today! Anyone know when financial aid will be released?
  4. I've been accepted to BC, BU, Simmons, and Columbia! What about you?
  5. Oh, that's really good to know! I haven't heard anything, and they're the only program I am waiting to hear from still.
  6. UNC is set to release decisions between the end of Feb and mid march for the 2-year program!
  7. First of all, congratulations! This is so exciting for you! Health and mental health are undeniably related. I think you'll find it particularly meaningful to gain that new experience and perspective, coming from a background of working in MH. Have you considered talking to the program's field coordinator to see if your next field placement might be more in line with your hope to work in MH?
  8. I know! I noticed the same. Though they don't release all the decisions at the same time- I applied back in November so I'm hoping to hear earlier.
  9. Many programs allow you to request an extension- you could ask for an additional 2-3 weeks to decide
  10. I was also accepted to BU last night! Was really sadly disappointed by their lack of financial aid- by far the least I've received of the 4 schools I've been accepted to.
  11. Has anyone heard back from UNC, or has any guess on when they will release decisions?
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