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  1. OMG! I'm probably heading there for DHD this Fall, too!
  2. Just got accepted to UIC DHD Disability Studies PhD program! Now I gotta figure out if my interdisciplinary research focus would be better served with a disability emphasis or SW emphasis.
  3. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/35/35d2f5fa75c742594f5b2d7cb8614c8ce64fbedb37cfd20a728d8d89b9b5ad82.jpg
  4. I am flabbergasted. Did that person die from malnutrition?
  5. @MBUPEG22 should be here: https://apply-crownschool.uchicago.edu/apply/ They might still be uploading your specific decision. It is incoming.
  6. Side note: y'all, is the stipend for Columbia SSW really less than $34K? For Manhattan? In NYC? WTAF is that shit?
  7. UW-Madison is sending out emails with application status updates today. Full funding information will be available next week or so.
  8. This round I'm applying to 2 SW doctoral programs. I just got my first acceptance from UW-M. Still waiting on UChicago. I'm also applying to Dis Studies at UIC and Psych at UPenn. If anyone else is applying at UW-M, I talked with the DGS of the SW PhD program. They're looking to get official rejections/acceptances out on Feb 9th and funding info on Feb 16th. UChicago will likely reach out to people closer to March re: funding and acceptances.
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