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  1. Hey! I just got accepted today but there's no information about scholarship whatsoever. Should I wait to accept the offer until I know more about the financial piece? I am set to go here though. I submitted on 2/5 and heard back today 4/7.
  2. I don’t have a masters so my options are limited. Right now my plan is to wait till the next cycle to be more prepared. I’m also in Baltimore btw! Are you applying for UMB? @LisaOh
  3. Hi! I’ve been following this post for a while and since no one else has said anything I’d jump in and show some support! I am also applying. I know UMich gives out application fee waivers for the MSW program at grad school fairs, not sure about the joint PhD program but it wouldn’t hurt to shoot an email and ask. They are also very helpful and responsive via email and are willing to put you in contact with their current PhD students. I think that should provide you with more info. I’m also looking at the MSW/PhD program at UCBerkeley, but I’m international so I’m not attached to
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