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  1. I feel the same way. Right now is when I need to decide and the possibility that I might relocate across country just to stay inside and take online classes is making it very difficult.
  2. Hey thanks for telling me your perspective. It's interesting that you bring up that up because that was something I noticed right away about Portland. I grew up and live in DC and i've always questioned places that are predominantly white. I talked to some people while I was there and it sounded like there was at least awareness of the fact.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm an MSW applicant trying to decide between Portland State and WashU in Saint Louis. They both have great programs, but WashU's is a bit better and offering me a sizable scholarship. I've visited both cities and truly fell in love with the Portland environment. I just loved the energy. Most places and people felt progressive and friendly which is essential to me as a gay man. I didn't get to explore much while I was in St.L, so I'm not sure about their community. Does anyone have any experience living in either place?
  4. That is very helpful. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone received decisions from Maryland? I received an email from them two weeks ago saying things would be delayed due to COVID-19 but thats the last I've heard. They're the last program I'm waiting to hear back from before deciding.
  6. If it hasnt started yet I would advice just be open and honest about your interests like social issues that you're personally interested in (a common question asked) and what experiences attracted you towards social work. Speak freely and passionately. That's way more interesting than just listing off things you've done.
  7. Is it for the program or a scholarship? With many programs their interviews are one and the same. Do you know the format of the interview? (I.e., live or recorded responses)
  8. Hello, i'm an undergrad student at UMD that's already been accepted to grad school for next fall. Due to COVID-19 they have announced this semesters grades will be graded pass/fail unless students elect to receive earned grades for the courses. Should I elect for letter grades since I still have to send my final transcripts?. It will show I've earned my degree either way .
  9. Hi everyone, It's getting close to decision time, and I still have no clue where I want to go. What it comes down to for me is deciding if I want to uproot and move for my MSW or stay in DC, where I've lived for the past six years. I've been accepted to some fantastic programs, including WashU (including a 30K scholarship) and Portland State, in which I fell in love with their program. I've been told as someone that wants to go into clinical counseling, where you went matters less than how much you paid and the debt you were left with. The situation I am in currently is very affordable, but I'm also worried that I've grown too comfortable, and I'm intimidated by the idea of moving to a new city with no support. It's a huge insecurity I have. I'd appreciate any insight.
  10. bragierrnot

    St. Louis, MO

    I can't thank you enough for your response. I feel a lot better after hearing the honest opinion from someone that has experienced what I would be going through. Now that I know it's doable without sacrificing too much I am seriously considering WUSTL . I'll definitely use your list of neighborhoods when that time come. Thanks for congratulating me on my acceptance! I was shocked I got accepted and that they were offering me a 30K scholarship.
  11. I'm REALLY struggling in deciding where to go for my MSW. What it comes down to is either staying in DC where I live extremely cheap and have a support network or uprooting and going to WashU (rated second in the country and offering me 30K) or Portland State. Honestly, I'm insecure about my ability to be independent and move to a city where I will live alone, no nobody and have a much higher cost of living. Still, I'm also worried that I wouldn't be doing the right thing by staying in my comfort zone and only going somewhere decent.
  12. Hey thanks for your input! I'll definitely avoid Ondine.
  13. This would probably get more attention in the Social Work thread
  14. Is anyone familiar with PSU's graduate housing? They have tons of options and I'm not sure about the quality. Is it worth the cost (Studios from 775 - 1175, 1-bedroom 900 - 1470) or should I look into off campus housing? https://www.pdx.edu/housing/graduate-student-housing
  15. bragierrnot

    St. Louis, MO

    Just got accepted to WashU's MSW program. I know it's an amazing school and program but I'm worried about my ability to live in St. Louis. I cannot drive due to how highly epileptic I am so I've always lived places with well developed metro systems/public transits. Does anyone have any experience going to WashU without a car? (or any experience with public transportation in St.L. ). Would I be able to live a decent life or would I be too handicapped? I'm okay with Ubering but I would prefer it not to be a daily thing.
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