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  1. hey guys, im currently applying to programs for next fall. I would like one of my schools to be in LA and I've already ruled out USC after seeing their tuition and the drama that's been going on in their department. Im a senior undergrad without any experience and I barely make their GPA requirement (not to mention they have more requirements than other schools and require two essays). Should I bother? Thanks!
  2. I was also planning on applying and came across the same article. I am very much glad I did. Their tuition cost is way too much for your MSW
  3. Hey everyone, is there any George Washington grads here? I have long planned to apply there for my MSW program but to my surprise, I can't find that any such program exists. I'm confused because I used to work at a behavioral health clinic and there were always interns doing their hours. Does GW have an equivalent/different program?
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