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  1. Hey!! So recently I have decided to take a leave of absence to figure out if I want to stay at my institute but more than likely I will leave. I want to go into a program that has a welcoming and warm environment for me to succeed in. Any recommendations of where to look? Thank you!
  2. Thank you!
  3. I would study mental health, health, possibly older adults. I would be open to moving. I'm just having a horrible time at my school.
  4. I’m currently in my foundation year of my masters program for social work. I’m at University of Pennsylvania and having a very tough time here. I believed this would be an amazing environment but its been anything but that. I’m contemplating transferring grad schools to somewhere I feel welcomed and comfortable as well. I want to be happy.. anyone have any recommendations for schools to look into?
  5. Taylor_Xo


    I'm feeling the exact same way about the program as well as the environment. I attend Upenn as well
  6. Anyone having issues making friends and being social? My school is very catty and not very nice. I'm not getting the warm feeling I had originally gotten. I'm contemplating transferring but I don't know if that's a complete mistake.
  7. Thank you everyone, I feel much better
  8. Hi, So I am waiting for either my acceptance or rejection to come in. I applied to the University of Pennsylvania and the Catholic University of America for Social Work; both in advanced standing. I had an interview with Penn with the Associate Dean and Received some news.. I was disqualified from their advanced standing because I had gotten two bad grades so they put me on the two-year track. I have been in contact with the Dean for some time and she apologized and explained if it had been anyone else they would have just rejected them. I haven't heard anything from the other school. I'm freaking out. Anyone else freaking out?
  9. Hi, so im slightly freaking out... i applied to UPenn along with two other schools.. I have a 3.3 GPA (I had some personal issues happen) and I had three letters of rec which one was from a provost. Upenn emailed me to say they reviewed and will be emailing momentarily. It wasn’t even that long. I did meet with someone there prior to applying and kept in contact. Should i be worried?
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