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  1. I think an email would be just fine. If you are somewhat closer to these people, pay them a visit.
  2. Haha indeed. That's on top of being emotional and constant worrier.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Go find other labs that can offer you a rotation! I think it is a bit unprofessional to retract an offered that has been put on the table. Hopefully your next POI is better. Seek help from DGS to provide you with a list of available rotation projects. Alternatively, you should approach other POIs individually to see if they have interesting projects that are ongoing. I have a question, I thought grades dont matter in grad school as long as you are above a certain threshold. Are you saying that they *do* look at grades when deliberating to accept you in their lab?
  4. I also have an industrial researcher as a co-advisor. Do I also keep contact with those types of researchers? They are not academics. I am afraid I'll annoy them if I keep emailing them once or twice a year.
  5. Me too! I would like to keep in touch with my former supervisor. Here's what I am planning to do: 1) Email him yearly to say hi and give a quick update about my progress. "I just wanted to say I passed my comps", or "I am going to present in this so and so conference", etc 2) He told me to drop by if I visit the city. Similarly, I told him to let me know if he is around the city that I'll be in. I'd ask him to have a cup of coffee with me
  6. These. These two paragraphs! I cant say it better than hedjuk did.
  7. I'd have to echo many of what newms has said. But, for the sake of completeness, I'd give you my take on your questions: 1. If it is too troubling for you, I'd say to forgo the subject GRE test. Redirect those effort and time to polish your publications. 2. Apply only to schools that fit your research interest. 3. I dont know about your field, but I did not contact mine because many of them put up a note on their website saying that they do not wish to be contacted by prospective applicants. They said it in a nicer way, of course. 4 & 5. I dont know your field. So, it may deva
  8. me too! @kroms: congrats! It's that "keep a word drop a word" thread you've been playing. I'm just sayin'
  9. Hopetully, the strange/rude behavior is just a one-time thing. As others pointed out, he may be busy, had a bad day, just received rejection for his paper/grant/whatever. Although, none of these should justify his behavior. After all, it is his job to advise you in course selection. But professors are also human: they get cranky, annoyed, stressed, etc. If the rude behavior becomes a habit, then you may want to seek another professor as an advisor.
  10. I received a similar email from my department's administrative assistant. Personally, I dont want to live with my cohort or other students in my program. It's nothing against them. I just like to meet/have other people as roomies. I dont want to be constantly reminded with school 24/7. That said, I also prefer to live in a place that requires as *short* commute. I find commuting rather enjoyable.
  11. Whoaa newms is really on top of things. You (already bought?) or is already thinking about getting a bed ~4 months before moving!! Sorry, this is amusing . I am a planner myself. As for the buying a bed online is definitely a good idea. I bought mine from a store. It was nice that I got to try it beforehand; but, the price was slightly higher than the one I looked up online.
  12. I see. Kick ass at Riverside and you'll be on your way to Top 10/20. Good luck!
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