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  1. Pros & cons of finishing early?

    Thank you, @fuzzylogician & @Nichi! Great insights. I will definitely check with my advisor at some point, too.
  2. I'm currently finishing my 2nd year in a PhD program. Most people take 5 years to finish. Though, I have seen people get out in 4, and on my department area website it outlines successful finish in 4, not 5. I am in a good position to finish in 4, but does that mean I should? I like my department and advisor, but I'm dying to get out of the geographic area. I'd have funding through the 5th year, but cost of living does not match up with what TAs are paid and it's been rough financially. Since it could be advantageous to hang around a little extra time and recieve guidance from my advisor about postdocs and grants, and maybe finish up some projects, would it make sense to make it a goal to defend the dissertation in, say, January of 5th year? Has anyone done this? Yes, maybe thinking too far ahead. But that's just how I tend to do things! TIA for any thoughts you may have.
  3. NSF GRFP 2016

    That is strange that they would give you G/G with no real reason. This whole process can be so confusing. Congrats on the HM!
  4. NSF GRFP 2016

    My third reviewer was also not my biggest fan, and definitely did not read as thoroughly as the other two. It is frustrating to see I'm not the only one who had at least one reviewer completely missing things I made easy for them to see. It also isn't helpful that there is no consistency between my reviewers, so there is no main improvement I could make based on their comments. Finally, all of my comments focused on the research proposal, when I was told all along that "NSF funds the person" so I thought they might address my personal statement a little bit?! I proposed a series of studies, I think there were 4 or 5 in total, so I could be thorough. I went overboard on the Broader Impacts (in psychology, not hard to do) Reviewer 3: "This is a promising applicant; the application would be stronger with additional studies and with broader implications articulated."
  5. NSF GRFP 2016

    Congrats to all you guys in here! No dice for me. VG/VG, VG/E, VG/VG. Definitely some comments that don't quite make sense sprinkled in there, like saying I need more research experience when I have 3 pubs and I did an REU with an expert in my topic. Overall I'm glad I tried.
  6. NSF GRFP 2016

    I hope it's tonight! This is by far the longest I've ever waited for a decision on something. I got accepted to my grad program in January after applying in December! That did not properly prepare me for this torture! Good luck everyone
  7. So who here gets mail for previous tenants

    Recently a package showed up at my house for a previous tenant. This person is in my program and their office is around the corner from mine so I brought it in the next day. Small town lol
  8. Email etiquette

    I didn't want to come off as uptight at all. I am genuinely concerned for my students' chances of finding job with this particular skill lacking. After rapport is established I definitely like to ditch the greeting/sign-off as well. Maybe I wasn't being clear about how bad the emails can get, for example: (no subject) Hey where is the final???
  9. Email etiquette

    I've gotten a lot of "Hey"s. My aunt is a high school teacher and she told me she has received "What's up" as a greeting.
  10. Fall 2016 Social Psych Applicants

    Before applying, I personally did not have long conversations with any POIs. I emailed about five, and had great responses from 3 or 4, with one of them asking me to follow up about lab space later on. After applying, the program/POI I am attending now emailed me a few times back and forth with questions which felt like an interview but I'm not sure what to call it. A few weeks later I got a phone call with the acceptance. I've heard of people being accepted without emailing POIs as well, so you never know!
  11. Can I just say how much I'm enjoying grad school?

    I like your attitude! I feel the same way and I hope it leads to success. I just started the semi-long distance thing. I'm hoping my SO moves down here for at least the last half of my program. And hopefully there are job opportunities back home, I would like that, too...
  12. Email etiquette

    Haha, perfect! Thank you for this, TakeruK :-)
  13. Email etiquette

    I somehow missed all the notifications for my own OP! I appreciate all the insight. So far I have not talked to the students about my concerns as a whole (I'm not the lead instructor of the course). As an update, I'm also frustrated with students emailing questions that can easily be answered from the syllabus, including my office hours and location. I know this problem happens to everyone, and doesn't go away. But I just can't stand it! Especially if I receive an email that combines the etiquette issue with the syllabus issue. Just venting...
  14. Can I just say how much I'm enjoying grad school?

    So loving grad school in my first year might just be first year optimism? I have a feeling the lovin might be here to stay for me, though! I am really happy with how it's going and I think it's for a similar reason as piglet. I'm also 23, but, I've had plenty of worse situations in life. I'm finally doing something I enjoy, I'm getting paid to go to school, I live in a really cool town with great roommates... My program is seriously amazing, and I really click with my advisor. I even have free time to enjoy my hobbies and maintain a semi-long distance relationship. I'm not that stressed, but I am productive. TAing isn't fun for me, but that's the only thing!
  15. Academic family tree

    It traces my field back to its German origins. Also, you guys mind find it interesting that someone branched a tree in theology with John the Baptist and Jesus Christ at the beginning.