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    art history and visual culture after 1945, race, gender, class
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    art history, Fall 2020-start grad school

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  1. kier

    African Diaspora Art History?

    Sorry for such a late reply! I'm planning on going into academia, but I also want to curate exhibitions as part of my research. What about you? I have considered Harvard but for whatever reason it doesn't excite me like other programs. Idk why because I really enjoy Sarah Lewis's work. Also I'm just very unsure about applying to top programs, especially coming out of undergrad from a state school. But I'm going to do it anyway and let the schools decide lol. I'm also considering Rutgers for Nicole Fleetwood, who's in their American Studies department now but is being promoted to a professor in American Studies and Art History. And I've added Duke to my list since my first post. There's so many exciting scholars at different schools that I want to work with but I can't apply to all of them lol!
  2. kier

    African Diaspora Art History?

    I am! I’m interested in contemporary visual culture, photography, and performance. I’m looking at ma/phd programs at ga state, unc, ut austin, williams, northwestern, berkeley, and yale, maybe more, maybe less. I’m also looking at stony brook’s ma in philosophy and the arts. Ga state is my only safety lol. What about you? edit: forgot to add I’m interested in iu bloomington

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