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  1. Registration Now Fixed.  New Members come on in!

  2. Hi All Sorry for those who were trying to register in Sept. There was a backend error that I've now fixed. Let me know if anything isn't working as expected. -bgk
  3. Apologies !  It's back!

    1. DBear


      Thank you thank you my hands were twitching!

  4. Hi I am interested in blogging my admissions journey. I just sent you a message.

  5. will you please delete my profile including the thread i began on the message board. thank you

  6. Hello, I no longer active and would like to deactivate my account and delete my posts if possible. I appreciate it.

  7. Laisuo

    I am new here, Mark.

  8. bgk

    Blogging 2016

    See the stuff on the old blogs: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/blogs/
  9. Who's going to be first to use the new Q&A Forum

  10. bgk

    Blogging 2016

    No requirements really. Just that you don't mind sharing the occasional update and leaving them here for posterity.
  11. Hey Folks, Any of you interested in blogging your admissions journey? Reply here if so! -bgk
  12. Hi All, Wanted to test out the polling feature on the forum. Thought we'd try a softball question on TV watching!
  13. Hey All, In a return to times of old, I'm resurrecting the monthly top posters. Here's the story: biosci 176 biochemgirl67 132 rising_star 102 fuzzylogician 91 TakeruK 90 Bioenchilada 79 bicsy 72 Microburritology 65 peachypie 64 Extra Espresso 60 And as a bit of motivation, as of today here's where things stand in Jan '16 .. Yav Friendly 111 piglet33 61 Pink Fuzzy Bunny 60 peachypie 57 onceinalifetime 57 fuzzylogician 57 Need Coffee in an IV 57 TakeruK 56 gingin6789 53 artsy16 52 How will things stand at the end of Jan? Cheers! -bgk
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