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  1. Thanks for the update @Pszczolka and I'm sorry to hear about the rejection but super excited that you are accepting BU!!! Congrats!!! Im still waiting for my decision! so we shall see!
  2. @Mingyang I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure whatever school you do go to would be lucky to have you!
  3. Hey everyone, UPenn decisions are starting to go out, was not accepted, but good luck and congrats to those that have been accepted.
  4. Thanks @Mingyang. And thanks for the update for UPenn. Although I thought they said we would hear late feb to early March.
  5. Oh thank you @wongjcz I feel that we all should be supportive in one another, we are all trying to make a difference in this world and in the lives of others, why should that start after we graduate or even after acceptance. But I really do appreciate all your kind words, same to you @Beetroot. I got my MSW at Columbia, so I kind of had a feeling I wouldn't get accepted into the PhD program, so it was a long shot. I am really grateful for this forum and for you all on this journey in becoming "Doctors" for the people we wish to serve and assist, in whatever capacity that may be. Good Luc
  6. oh haha thank you @Beetroot you are too kind! I know how hard we all have worked to get to this point. I know whatever school you accept you will be a great asset to the field.
  7. Congrats on the waitlist @Beetroot..... Ive been rejected.. Congrats to those who have been accepted!
  8. Congrats @dandadadan on getting accepted!!
  9. its ok... i understand.... thats awesome that you have been accepted to UChicago and probably will be attending!!! Congrats @wongjcz
  10. I am happy for you though that you have been accepted somewhere.. How come you are not going to the uni in Australia? Are you waiting to hear back from a lot of other schools @wongjcz
  11. Oh I see @wongjcz so they were suppose to have your decision by Feb 16 because you're an international student... and they didn't and so you needed to know ASAP because of the school that you were accepted in Australia... and they processed your application faster? is that correct?
  12. haha no I hear ya @Beetroot I would be too... I just gotta see the official then it would sink in. lol and Columbia... yea hopefully.. I tried calling yesterday but no one answered to try to get an update from their meetings, so I emailed the person I got the original info from, so I'm hoping I will hear from her on Monday so I can update everyone.But hopefully we will hear this coming week... fingers crossed!
  13. Congrats @Beetroot!!!! @wongjcz I am sorry to hear that... so they sent you an email or how did you find out about the rejection? I am still waiting to hear back from UPENN.. I didnt know decisions started to go out... they told me in two weeks... :?
  14. Thanks for that intel @dandadadan.. have you heard back from them on a decision? I am still waiting for mine.
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