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  1. DrPH2016, which programs are you waiting to hear from? I know there are some programs with opportunitites for GRAs ... I also thinks its possible to find a professor doing work your realm of interest and "creating" an opportunity if you're successful in demonstrating the synergies between your interests and their work ... and of course what you would bring to table as a GRA. dduck, I applied to the HPM department. I am quite curious to find out what the major differences will be between the current program format and the one underdevelopment. Not sure I comprehend what they mea
  2. Hello all. I'm glad to see all of the waiters chiming in. I certainly have been experiencing anxiety!!! I look forward to following everyone's progress throughout the admissions process. Glad to see someone else to compare notes with regarding UIC too. Question for the group. How does everyone hope to fund their programs? Right now, I have loans, savings and tuition reimbursement through work as means. That's all for now!
  3. Thanks for the response. I've only recently understood how to use the results search element of this site and noticed the same in regards to the schools who have extended interviews to candidates. As for the programs I was accepted to previously, both were state schools. One of the schools was out of state and therefore done via Skype. The nature of the questions for the out of state school centered around my current professional role and responsibilities; interest in their specific program; ease of relocation and the importance of financial support in making a decision to matriculate. A
  4. So I thought it would be nice to start a new board for those applying and waiting to hear back regarding DrPH programs. This isn't my first rodeo. I applied previously to 4 programs, got into 2 but decided those two weren't the best two for my career goals. The two I didn't gain admission to were better fits. So this cycle I reapplied to both program and added one more. I am waiting to hear back from the following schools: Johns Hopkins University of Illinois Chicago University of North Carolina Would love to hear where everyone else is trying to go, who has had interviews and w
  5. That is wonderful, jjbiv! Very best of luck to you during the interviewing process ... especially if it is your first choice!
  6. Many have reviewed but no responses to date ... am I to assume no one has hear anything regarding an interview yet? Someone say something! LOL
  7. So now that applications period has come to a close, I thought it would be nice to start a board. I'm anxious to hear of invitations to interview. From what I've been told, an interview is a good sign! I think it would be easy for all of us waiting to know what are chances are once people start posting their invitations to interview. I was told they (interviews) will likely be extended to applicants by mid February with admission decisions following in early to mid March. Soooo, lets share! I hope I will have good news to share with you guys in the coming weeks!
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