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  1. Got an email from the school “We are unfortunately not able to offer you a place for the DPhil however the assessors think you might be a good fit for the MPhil program (website likd) If you would like to have an offer for this course please let me know as soon as possible as I will have to transfer your application over.” What does this mean? Is that an admission to Master program or I need to be re-evaluated again? Many thanks!
  2. I think I should also say hi to everyone and thank you for all the updates ! I am currently a policy track student at Columbia University. I applied two social work program and one public administration program. I have a BA in international relations (GPA 3.9). GRE: verbal :155, quantitative: 170 (I took it two years ago). I have no post-master work experience (which I am extremely worried about). I only did part-time research works for several government agencies and a tons of volunteer works. My research interests are urban poverty and urbanization issues. I haven't heard anything back. Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. I also applied to Case Western. Hope it goes well for both of us!
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