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  1. I'm going to reiterate some of this. I also graduated undergrad during the recession. And it was rough. It's been 11 years since undergrad, and I finally am in line to do the type of work I wanted. I'm also lined up to go back for my DrPH in a few years. For anyone heading into graduate school or the workforce, be savvy and aggressive. You'll find more funding if you're research can make an argument to help rebuilding the nation after CO-VID and the protests. Be will to take what's available, work yourself bare, and keep fighting to get where you eventually want to be. Also, be will
  2. In short, no. The one with the best department and connections were you want to get to is the best program for you. They all have specialties based on the research they're doing and the faculty themselves. Your decision should be based on that.
  3. My advise to people is live the life you want to be living. You are the sum of the 5 closest people in your life. If you want a life partner, and not just a relationship, you need to live or be working towards your ideal life. That's when they'll enter your life and be drawn to you. It is certainly harder for educated minority women. It is also harder if you want both academia and a family life. But it is possible. I made an important decision in my mid-20's. I decided that being a mother was more important to me than being married. But my career and motherhood were both non-negotiable. After
  4. Another possible variable is that, after seeing so much negativity related to government affairs on this forum, prospective students are looking for other, more positive, support groups.
  5. Job applications and other work responsibilities mostly. I was actively applying and interviewing for non-grad school back-up plans. I also continued reading academic literature within my research interests, etc., to prepare for academic interviews. It was honestly easier (but by no ways easy) waiting for the grad decisions than company promotional decisions because there are more tangible career-driven tasks I can occupy myself with.
  6. Kutztown University (Pennsylvania State school) had a flat rate for any graduate assistants. It was 20 hrs a week for $7500/annually plus the tuition waiver. The installment was paid biweekly beginning late August and ending a bit after the academic year let out.
  7. Another "it depends" based on research interests, programs of interest, budget, geographic location. Another factor can be "non academic responsibilities." For my first masters , I applied to 12 schools because I had the flexibility to upend my life. I was also not as certain about my career "end goals". When I had more direction, I applied to 5 schools (2nd masters). Now, my life has changed drastically. I have a full-time career and need to work a doctoral around those responsibilities. So my choices are limited to part-time professional doctoral degrees. Out of the 2 reasonable possibi
  8. Oh, okay. Nevermind then. A small state school I attended offered full waiver for someone working FT for their masters in student affairs. Bad info then, sorry!
  9. Maybe you can look to see if the department you work (or want to work at)offers a GAship. Just change you employment status to GA instead. Most student affairs departments offered a lot of graduate assistantship. Also consider, if you're an employee, you may not need the GAship to begin with. Most universities will let you take classes for free if you work for them. So you'd get money + tuition.. And more than many GAs get...
  10. If you do not want to be a spokesperson for your minority status, you'll need to research the industry and region you're going into. That way, you can find yourself a better fit where you're not so alone. I agree that you shouldn't have to do that much work, but institutions are disproportionate across America. If that's something you're okay with doing, our institutions could use more spokespeople who are amazing (and not just loud) advocates. Either way, knowing the demographics of your coworkers, clients, and region may be more important going into any job or educational experience.
  11. ^ This ^ Psychology is becoming a increasingly rigorous scientific field. Your question seems more a philosophical and spiritual based one than psychology based one.
  12. @Nico Corr mainly geometry, but I did a lot of refreshers along the spectrum. This is a useful grid for comparison: https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/khan_academy
  13. Congrats! I think 1 week may be ok, but more - no.
  14. I'm glad to hear this. As a mental health counselor, I can tell you that not all of us are the same caliber, nor are we interchangeable. If you've tried 1 therapist, it's like trying 1 burger and saying they're all the same. You may want to consider why it failed (what did or didn't the counselor do that you needed from the therapeutic relationship). You've had a lot of really good advice thus far speaking to this. To rebuild self-esteem you need both external and internal process switches. So, you need a positive support network around you - to help bolster what you're trying t
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