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  1. I've chosen Rutgers!!! I am so excited and ready for this process to move on to the next stage!
  2. No final decision yet. I actually have one more (last minute) visit planned to Rutgers. You?
  3. Hey, did anyone else apply to UW-Milwaukee's MSW/PhD of Social Welfare program? I visited recently, really enjoyed it, and was offered admission just yesterday. I am so excited and am wondering if anyone is planning to head there?
  4. Did anyone on this forum apply to Rutgers dual program? If so, have you heard back from their PhD school? I've heard back from the MSW, but not from PhD...This late in the game you assume the worst, but figured I'd ask.
  5. Did anyone apply to Rutgers University for the dual program? If so, have you heard back? I'm assuming I didn't get in if I haven't heard, but just in case...?
  6. @msw_22 I would reach out to their offices if you haven't heard yet. I know a lot of what happens is they continue to make decisions as some people decline the offer, etc.
  7. Hi @van2312, I did initially because I am awaiting decision from their joint program. I've just requested another extension because I am a finalist for their PhD of social work, but their visit dates aren't until the end of March. It should be fine. I think the contact person's name is Stacy.
  8. Hi Everyone, I applied to USC's MSW/PhD program and was just invited as a finalist to visit the school. I am so excited about it, but I was wondering if you guys knew of any forums on housing, and USC financial packages? Thanks for your help. Maybe we'll be schoolmates this fall!
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