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  1. My understanding is that the first year stipend at Berkeley is "unattached" - so there are no minimum work requirements, but from year 2 you are expected to RA/TA or have fellowships that cover the stipend. I also have not yet heard from Berkeley about the actual amount of the stipend. I found the 20 hour "you have to find your own funding before you even show up here, but don't worry 90% of students are able to make this happen" thing at UW to be very off-putting. Seems like a good way to gauge interest in the program, but as a person from a lower-class background, I found it discouragin
  2. I've been accepted and would really like to go - but I haven't heard anything about PhD funding/stipend...is anyone else in this same boat? I'm in at the School of Public Health.
  3. "Mid-April" as in...around April 15th when we are supposed to make official acceptances? Political climate aside...it seems a bit unfair.
  4. This really sucks - I'm super sorry! I think no word means you are still in the running! Keep up hope. Things are really moving now - I'm sure you will hear something soon.
  5. I officially declined yesterday before I got word on funding, although I was told I was nominated for a fellowship. The app-status change came this morning, most likely because of the move made yesterday. It does seem like official information should be coming soon....
  6. I heard back February 16th(ish) for CHS via email. Perhaps you are on an informal wait-list and maybe a few spots will upon up after this weekend. Good luck!
  7. I also received a SBS acceptance today! Congrats to all the acceptances and those waitlisted! I'm still waiting on word about funding from most places. Is this true for others? I personally won't have additional support and, other than additional jobs, won't be able to supplement money to fill in any gaps. It's going to boil down to if I can afford to living in the respective city with the money offered, and what continued funding is dependent upon.
  8. I agree - it's not fair for them to ask you to officially accept before the 15th - that's a contract that schools of public health have come to. Accept and be ready to withdraw if necessary.
  9. It does seem like everything is a bit delayed. Last year there appeared to be quite a few more "early admits" and unofficial phone calls from POIs etc.
  10. I hate to be a bummer or be overly political...but I've been hanging out on NIH Reporter (because why not on a Saturday) it's so hard to imagine that potential cuts to funding over the next few years, aren't impacting decisions. I even saw in the results section that Berkeley Demography put language about funding in their rejection letters. Everyone here seems so passionate and talented. I want us all to start our training and jumpstart our careers. I dunno...just feeling a bit cynical this morning
  11. I also applied to Community Health Science. Ughhhhh it IS mid-February! As of yesterday! hahaha this waiting game! @2016Epi thanks for that wonderful response! Now, important question...is your last name in the beginning, or the end of the alphabet?
  12. I'm also on the waitlist - if I understand correctly, we aren't given positions.
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