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  1. You can definitely go from a cold 274 to 26 points higher. But! I think you may need more than a month to do it, unless maybe you study 4+ hours per day. I want to hop on the Magoosh train here--it was hands down my favorite and the most helpful study aid while I was preparing.
  2. That's right, I had a potential supervisor and am a US citizen. The only reason I ended up getting accepted early though was because the department decided to nominate me for a university fellowship (nice surprise!) and being nominated is an auto-accept, I guess! I hope things go well for you too! Let me know how it works out--maybe we'll be in the same class!
  3. Oh, dear. Just so you know, being young and relatively high functioning have absolutely nothing to do with alcoholism. Plenty of alcoholics have all of the qualities you mentioned. Now, I'm not calling you an alcoholic. However, if you are already known as "the drinker", it's probably time to reassess some things. Just remember that all high functioning alcoholics started out exactly like you. (And we all indulged the same rationalizations/excuses. )
  4. Admitted to UC Berkeley, my very top choice! The rest don't really matter to me.
  5. Does anyone even use this section of the forum? We'll find out! UC Berkeley 2017 checking in! Vision Science here.
  6. Just wondering--is 'JM' Jeremy Wolfe? If so, I don't believe he is really recruiting grads this year (or if he is accepting students, he knew who they were in advance). I work at Harvard currently so I see him from time to time, and that is what he suggested about 6 months back.
  7. I've already been accepted into the Vision Science program at Berkeley and they've already sent invites for the Visit Day(s) on March 6-8th, so I'm pretty sure they're all done. But super congrats on getting into UC Davis! I myself was rejected from that one. Such a mysterious process! The good news is if they accepted you then it probably means that the school would be a great fit.
  8. Just wanted to update that since being accepted into Berkeley, I've received rejections from San Diego, Davis and WashU. No word from NYU, JHU, or Harvard, but I'm not holding out any hope because of how late it is. Definitely taking it well because duh Berkeley -- but this process is still such a mystery to me. Very interesting how I could get in (early, and with the department being so enthused about me that they nominated me for a competitive university scholarship) to one of the top 5 most prestigious schools in the world, and flat-out rejected from other, technically "lower ranking"
  9. Thank you! Can't believe it really seems to be happening...I've been preparing and working on applying for so long that it just feels like a part of me now. Hasn't sunk in really that I can relax for second and know that I'm actually going.
  10. Just received unofficial admissions offer from my POI for Berkeley aye yai yaiiiii puta madre I am beyond elated. So surreal.
  11. I agree that it's impossible to tell because of all the unknowns. But I'm not trying to create objective outlook on the odds based on those stats--I was specifically asking for people who had received interviews to their school(s) of choice apparently later than other people, based on the database. Purely anecdotal. In any case, I doubt very many people who actually got into school actively continue to use this site long after admission.
  12. Same. The funding. On top of what others have said, for school counseling it won't matter so much where you went to school in the end, especially if you are choosing between two good programs (even if you "clicked" with one better).
  13. I've been following TheGradCafe admissions response database quite a bit and, as you might imagine, have been disappointed to see interviews already extended to a couple people for some schools. This is my first round of applications; I'm wondering, from people who have been through a full application cycle and used grad cafe before, how representative the stats we get from that database are. Say, if we see that a couple interviews were extended last week and we haven't yet heard anything, should we take that to be a good sign that we are not on the shortlist? Does anyone here have experi
  14. Hearing from Berkeley was a direct contact from my POI, so don't worry too hard over that one yet. I don't believe formal notification has happened at all yet (for Psychology or Vision Science). Best of luck!
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