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UC Berkeley 2017


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I'm not sure I'll be accepted (I don't think I will be as the usual decision date for my program is past and I haven't heard back), but anyway, I'm a Berkeley alum and Bay Area native. You'll love the place!

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I've been accepted and would really like to go - but I haven't heard anything about PhD funding/stipend...is anyone else in this same boat? I'm in at the School of Public Health.

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7 hours ago, Psyduck_1 said:

Does anyone know if there's a WhatsApp/fb/telegram group for incoming grad students to Berkeley? Might be helpful for finding housemates.

There are a number of facebook groups - UC Berkeley Off-Campus Housing, Bay Area Rooms & Apartments, etc etc etc. The university listings page is unfortunately not very helpful IMO. You might also look into the grad housing options offered by the university (Jackson, Manville, University Village, International House), which are convenient/secure especially if you are coming from abroad.

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