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  1. Does anyone know if there's a WhatsApp/fb/telegram group for incoming grad students to Berkeley? Might be helpful for finding housemates.
  2. It is best to include at least two people who have seen you do research. All the better that they're organic chemists too in your case. The third recommendation can be from any of your two teachers (better if they're well known in their field), doesn't matter if they're from a different field. What matters is if you've had meaningful interaction with the recommenders and displayed your capabilities. The six month guideline need not be strictly adhered to.
  3. Does anyone know if CalTech has sent out all (or even bulk) of their offers?
  4. My friend had faced same issue. On being asked by email the Admissions Committee replied that it should be fine if official transcripts had been sent earlier during applications.
  5. For Berkeley, the first deadline for signing up for the March 3-4 visit is Feb 3.
  6. Congratulations! Your success is quite motivating! Have you decided which school you'll go to?
  7. Hi! Now that Northwestern has sent out all its final acceptances and rejections, I am curious- had you taken the optional video interview? I was rejected from Northwestern even though accepted from all higher ranked programs that I had applied to, which makes me think the video interview counted against me. I was uncomfortable talking to a camera without a person behind it, the camera quality was bad, and I messed it up. Anyone who looks up this thread next year, my advice would be not to take the optional video interview.
  8. Have they told you when the visitation weekend is?
  9. Thank you! There's no reason to lose hope, they literally just started giving out the offers. The next three weeks will be big for chemistry. Good luck!
  10. Got accepted to Theoretical Chem, but I think only the first wave just came today.
  11. Congratulations! When had you submitted the MIT application? And have they told when the visit weekend is?
  12. Theoretical chem. I am an international applicant. I got an acceptance on Jan 4.
  13. I got an unofficial email from a professor in the admission committee. Good luck with your applications!
  14. I got accepted from UC Berkeley via mail on 4th.
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