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  1. Do not put yourself down just yet, where else have you applied to? Have you heard back from any other institutes?
  2. That's too bad..... I was hoping they would give out more offers today and tomorrow.
  3. I don't think so, I think they give out most of the offers today, we still got a chance, just not high
  4. Nope, but my Imperial course-mate just got her offer which is really worrying hahahaha, I am expecting a rejection I guess.
  5. Chad Mirkin if possible, he is a legend, if not, I will go with Jiaxing Huang, but neither of them replied my emails
  6. Congratulations! Haha, thanks, hope I do not get only rejections. That would be really sad. I just got rejected from MIT chemistry.
  7. My friend got an offer last week from Chicago but it was for organic chemistry, not materials Science.
  8. Undergrad Institution: Imperial College London (UK), Master in University of Cambridge (UK)Major: Materials Sci. and Eng.Overall GPA: first-class, we do not do GPA in UKPosition in Class: top 5%, ranked no. 2 in my cohort of 44 people Type of Student: International, maleGRE Scores :Q: 170V: 160W: 3.5 Research Experience: 4 full-time research experiences, in total 18 month. In Imperial (Electrochemistry and nano, 3 months), Cambridge (Steel and Hydrogen 12 months) and two other institutes in China (relatively useless since too short, nano and opto, 3 months), 1 paper, 2nd author, just submitted Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's lists and 1 scholarship Pertinent Activities or Jobs: N/AAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: N/ASpecial Bonus Points: I am quite lucky that two of my recommenders are quite big in the UK, my Imperial adviser is the dean of Engineering faculty, FREng, and my Cambridge adviser is a Knight, FREng, FRS. Both are famous researcher with really high h-index. Applying to Where MIT, Caltech, Harvard, Northwestern, Berkeley, Stanford. (I only apply to the top ones not because I am cocky, I already got accepted to Imperial and Cambridge, so I am only apply for the better ones and the ones provide more funding)