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  1. I would say Purdue is more highly respected (but i'm not from the US, so my view is somewhat twisted)
  2. One: it's hard to know if you want to go to grad school if you've never done research before (you might hate it). Research is definitely the most important, but school reputation does help (on visits, big departments were over-represented). If you work for a big name, their letter of recommendation means more. Out of the schools she got into, I would say UIUC has the best chemistry department (by some mile, tbh).
  3. I know someone with an interview from Scripps for org chem (she heard a while back); I think just not many on this forum have heard
  4. Anyone else get contacted by Princeton about visit weekends when they had already submitted the form? Dunno if my request didn’t go through or if they just emailed everyone...
  5. Ok thank you! It's strange as I have not heard of anyone hearing back for Organic Chemistry. But perhaps those people are keeping quiet...
  6. That is useful to know about Caltech - thanks! Is that for all of Chemistry or a specific subfield? Can I ask who you called? When I called I got a generic unhelpful reply....
  7. I know someone who has an interview from Scripps (organic)
  8. Anyone else feeling the pressure to book visit days from prospective PIs? While it's nice to be emailed by them, I find it stressful having to wait to organize visitation due to some schools not having released their verdicts yet.
  9. Has anyone heard from Caltech for Organic Chemistry?
  10. Has anyone rejected any offers yet?
  11. I meant for the visitation weekend, my bad.
  12. Does anyone know how much financial support for the visit weekend Stanford offers?
  13. Does anyone have an offer from Caltech/Harvard for Organic Chemistry or know anymore information about the progress of their Organic Chemistry admissions?
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