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  1. Hey! I got an interview request from BU on 3/4, was invited to the visit, then admitted on 3/16. Based on previous tends, they have a habit of rejecting people after April 15, which is annoying. That being sad, if you don't get in, it might be for the best. The grad students seemed really really unhappy at BU.
  2. RE Purdue and UNC over Scripps, Purdue and UNC are 1 and 2 for analytical chem. Another thing with Scripps that I personally don't like is that they are just a grad school so you can't do things like TA. But overall, Scripps is AMAZING, especially for biochem. Congrats on your admission! I'm sure you'll do great things there.
  3. Both are very well ranked overall. I think Purdue is really known for analytical. It kinda sounds like Irvine would fit your needs better: better location, and better groups for you (which is the most important thing). I'm from the midwest (sorta close to Purdue) and I would personally prefer UC Irvine, climate wise. All the UCs are absolutely beautiful. You really can't go wrong with either option, but it sounds like Irvine would fit your needs a little better.
  4. Yeah that was my impression as well (that the interview was basically an acceptance). He said it was also for recruiting purposes! i really hope you are able to get into UNC to stay with your SO as well! I’ll be declining my Unc offer if/ when BU accepts me.
  5. Yes! Do you know how likely it is that you get in after the interview/ what kind of questions were you asked? If I get in it means my SO and I can 100% stay in the same city!!
  6. I got the interview!!! Hope I get in now!!!
  7. I heard back from a pi on Sunday and she said things were delayed. I really doubt they will straight up reject us after that email. It would just be bad form. We will get in eventually. Just gotta wait a couple weeks
  8. I have no idea, but I honestly think they are just being slow, as I haven’t seen anything posted on here since Feb 18 (when the email was sent) and they said the majority of interviews haven’t been arranged yet.
  9. Hey, if I get into BU I’m declining my UNC offer! If you’re organic or materials at Unc, me getting into bu will move you up on the waitlist I hope. BU did email me and tell me the visit days and said they would be in touch very soon with (likely positive) updates. I’ve had so many people including Pi’s who are very big in the department tell me I would get in soon. But so much pressure.
  10. Yeah I probably shouldn’t be worried till the end of next week, right? The Professor I was in contact with even told me I was likely getting a fellowship too , but I haven’t heard from them in a month. There are some really good research fits for me there and this is the decision that determines if I can stay with my SO in grad school physically so there is a lot of weight on it. I just keep saying “there is no way I get rejected after that email”. You’re the only other person I’ve found who has gotten that email! I am assuming if they sent it to everyone it would have bee
  11. Yeah I’m sure it’s fine. There has been nothing on here this week. But seriously, wtf is taking so long? I have had multiple Pi’s tell me I’ll get in but it’s taking forever and this is an important acceptance for me.
  12. It would be a really really weird email to send to someone they were going to reject , right? Lol
  13. No, not yet. They emailed last Thursday and said they would contact me for an interview by the end of feb and that the majority of interviews haven’t taken place yet. I’ve been in contact with people there who have told me they are running behind and that I will almost certainly be accepted but I’m starting to worry.
  14. Is anyone else still waiting on Boston university? They sent an email to me last Thursday with open house dates and implied I would hear positively from them soon (by the end of this week) but it’s been radio silence since then and I’m a little worried.
  15. I got in late last week. Idk what they are doing but they seem really slow and disorganized. You definitely still have a chance of getting in.
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