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  1. Columbia: Feb 25-27 and March 11-13 UChicago: Their first visit was this past weekend. Second visit: Feb 26-27
  2. I received an email from MIT. Maybe it’s good news if you didn’t receive an email!!
  3. I was one of the rejects. Sorry for not adding any comments to my results post! This might be useful then: Applied to organic. Went to a top 10 liberal arts school. 3.99/4.00 GPA. Double major in chem and unrelated major. 2.5 ish years of chemical biology/ organic synthesis research. 1 pub. Lots of poster/oral presentations. Didn't take GREs.
  4. Any organic chem people attending UChicago's virtual visit this weekend?
  5. Columbia’s are Feb 26th and March 12 with optional info sessions about apartment hunting and stuff on the corresponding Thursdays and Saturdays
  6. unfortunately no 😕 pretty bummed bc that was my top choice by far, but it's all good! feeling positive about the choices I have so far!!
  7. Hi there! I applied to all of the same programs (organic) besides Rice. From following the results page, I think Caltech has finished their admissions process. I already heard back from Yale, Columbia, and UW-Madison. In the results section, a current Yale student said that the department will be sending a few more acceptances. I also saw on reddit that Columbia might be sending out a few more acceptances. I have no information on where UW-Madison is in their admissions process. I think Stanford has started to send some informal acceptances (based on the results page). No word from MIT.
  8. Yeah the convo I had with this prof was kind of vague if I'm gonna be honest. I was invited to the open house, but could not attend. I had a zoom meeting with this prof to discuss research and stuff and he explained that my "informal" open house invite was not technically indicative of an acceptance. From my knowledge, I do not believe any offers have been made yet. I could be wrong though because idk what was said during the open house.
  9. I talked to a prof a while back and he told me that official offers aren't being released until feb this year bc of delays due to the pandemic
  10. Ugh I'm in the exact same boat. The waiting is driving me crazy!
  11. Don't worry. I have the same status. I emailed admissions a while ago and they said it will show this message for anyone who didn't submit GRE scores.
  12. Hi there! I believe I got the same email as you. As I understand it, it's just the typical package that most chem PhD programs provide that covers tuition + your stipend + health insurance. I think Columbia just has a fancy name for it lol.
  13. Their chemistry admissions website says by February
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