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  1. There are two for Colubmia. One today and one in the 2nd week of March. I am going to the later one.
  2. I went to NW's last weekend and Colubmia is next weekend
  3. Just heard back from MIT for physical chemistry. They sent the email at midnight, lol. I have not idea why. Well, that's it for me. My graduate admissions are all done. I wanted to thank everyone in this thread for helping me preserve my sanity while waiting for all the admissions! I wish all of you luck and am confident everyone will have amazing schools to attend. ♥️
  4. Still waiting! I am hopeful we will hear something tomorrow. I remember there being a post saying that admissions would be delayed until February.
  5. I know Johns Hopkins sent out interview requests a couple weeks ago.
  6. I am in a research lab at Berkeley and while it isn't a stress-free environment, all the graduate students I know are pretty happy and content. There are a few bad profs, but other than that, the environment is way better than what I had heard about Harvard and MIT.
  7. Berkeley is awesome! I did my undergrad there. The profs are fantastic and the research is unlike anywhere else. We are very proud of our 14 element discoveries!
  8. It looks like a slaughter day for Harvard. So many posts in the results section. I know that this probably doesn't help with the dissapointment. I am not so sure Harvard has the best environment for chem. I did some research and it looks like mental health and students being over worked is a really, really big problem there. You may have dogded a bullet.
  9. If you filter the results page by putting in Chemistry Caltech in the search bar, you will see that there are like 6-7 posts about Caltech. I know inorganic, pchem, organic, and theory people who all got interviews and were admitted/rejected. If you also read this threat you will see people talking about the interviews and the number of people in zoom calls. I know like 18 chem bio and 18 inorganic were admitted that way. I also know that roughly 15 people have been admitted to pchem. I don't know about organic, but I wouldn't hold out too much for Caltech.
  10. Great! I have a pchem focus and have heard back from Caltech and Columbia. Caltech is done with admissions as far as I know. They had a long interview process. Columbia may be done as well. They mentioned they were admitted a smaller class due to COVID. I haven't heard back from MIT or Stanford. Some Stanford admissions went out yesterday, but that is all I have heard.
  11. If you could tell us which programs, that might help! I think a lot of universities have finished with admissions, but a lot haven't even started. For example, in this thread you will have seen that some programs are releasing results until February and that big schools like MIT and Stanford haven't released any admissions results yet either.
  12. Yeah, I was also starting to worry about it being late, but the results section only shows one tentative Stanford admit and 2 MIT admits so far (tho I am sus about one of the reported acceptances). I still think we have a chance. MIT does often release admissions later in January.
  13. Same! Haven't heard anaything yet. I am hopeful for Stanford later today but idk. Maybe on Tuesday?
  14. I really thought we might. I am waiting on MIT and Stanford and I really just want them to make up their minds so I can get down to deciding where to go. I was so sure there would be something today, but nothing so far. Maybe we'll hear from west coast schools, but it is late enough on the east coast I think we won't hear anything from them until Monday. I am sure some admissions will be released Monday.
  15. Yeah, last week. Some of the organic/inorganic concentrations had 2nd interviews scheduled, but it seems like for pchem there will only be one interview.
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