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  1. My interests perfectly coincide with one of the professors at UChicago, but I'm a little concerned that UChicago might have less name recognition than Cornell. Also the professors at Cornell are somewhat older and, therefore, more known. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Can somebody comment on how Cornell and UCLA stack up? I've narrowed it down to these 2 schools, but I have trouble choosing between them. They are both good fits, but something tells me Cornell might be able to provide more opportunities.
  3. I noticed that their chemistry PhD program is so biologically/medically inclined that it can hardly be called a chemistry program. That's why I didn't apply there. I imagine it's similar for many other people. In other words, it's like frozonecom said: it's a matter of research fit.
  4. Guys, if you had to pick one of the two, would you choose Cornell or UCLA (assuming both were equally good in terms of research fit)?
  5. Has anyone here heard anything from Caltech (other than those accepted after the interviews)?
  6. Guys, do you think job prospects for international students after Cornell are much worse than after, say, MIT, Harvard, Caltech, Berkeley? I've noticed that most people that became professors at top 5 universities (for chemistry) in the US got their PhDs from Caltech/MIT/Berkeley/Harvard. I've only seen a couple of professors there that got their PhDs from Cornell.
  7. @spaghettios, @timothychem, @quantummoon Thanks.
  8. Can somebody please tell me the virtual visit dates for Berkeley, Caltech, UChicago, and Columbia?
  9. Same. I genuinely don't understand. 1 solo pub, 1 first-author pub, and a couple of publications in preparation. Perhaps my GRE (331) or my TOEFL speaking section score was a bit low. I've explained it in my SOP, but maybe, I shouldn't have done it. Or maybe, it's something else entirely. I wish they at least told me the reasons for rejection...
  10. I'm an international applicant in Inorganic, and I'm still waiting on Yale and UChicago. One of the UChicago's POI conducted an interview with me in December, but I haven't heard from them ever since.
  11. Guys, can anyone please tell me when the visitation weekends for Yale, Columbia, and Berkeley will be held?
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