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  1. I did in fact get honorable mention.
  2. Good luck to everyone. I think I'm going to get honorable mention but hopefully I will be surprised.
  3. I got into MIT (chemistry) but got rejected from UNC BBSP. Really weird.
  4. I just declined it, good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  5. I haven't either. I think that I'm on an internal waitlist since a lot of schools do this.
  6. There's delays this year across every department and almost every college. I've only really heard from a third of my applications, my friend has heard from 1/8 (in math), and some other chem majors I know have heard from 4/13 and 1/6. Even on this website, you can see people asking in the results page if it's delayed for everyone else too. The answer is yes. Many committees haven't met since the break. I am sure that the people that use this website put enough effort and thought into their applications that we will all have great options within the next few weeks. Good luck to everyone!
  7. I thought we put it in the application somewhere, but I couldn't find it in the html. Maybe the professors of each subdivision look through and choose the people they want to interview.
  8. Good luck to everyone with interviews today
  9. Does anyone else's Stanford application say it's incomplete? I think it's because I didn't take the chem GRE and it wasn't manually waived yet.
  10. I am pretty sure the round of Caltech interviews this week is for chemical biology (unless someone not in chemical biology got one)
  11. I think there were interviews for "Chemical Biology" but not "Chemistry and Chemical Biology"
  12. She emailed me and said she had good news. She never explicitly said I was admitted on the call (which was a little weird), but then she connected me to a grad student and said that I was an early admit in that email. It's not really an interview as much as it is them telling you that you got in and answering questions you have.
  13. PI emailed me to set up a call before Christmas. She told me that I was an "early admit" and there will be another round of admissions in early January.
  14. Good luck to everyone in the next week, there should be some big days starting Monday.
  15. I was accepted to University of Rochester yesterday. I am expecting Yale and UChicago next based on last year's timeline (seen in the results section of this website).
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