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  1. Idk but those aren't just trolls freaking people out - I'm one of the rejects lol
  2. There’s one recruitment weekend in February and one in March, I guess just as like a thing to meet faculty and current students? But the email said there are currently 100 signed up for Feb and 60 for March and they were hoping for ~80 at each, so I’m guessing those weekends being right around full means that’s all the students they’re expecting to admit by then. Could be wrong though! Honestly yeah at this point I haven’t heard from Michigan which is my top choice so I’m just hoping that means I’m wait listed and someone turns their spot down 🙈
  3. Might be on the wait list then - Tuesday night an email was sent out that gave the impression anyone expected to sign up for the recruitment weekends already has
  4. Lol yes until getting my first acceptance I was so convinced I wasn't going to get in anywhere. My friends keep asking what my top choice is and I'm like "lol if I get in somewhere that will be my top choice." Unfortunately now with 2 acceptances I think I'm way more nervous about the rest than I was before hearing anything lol
  5. Also interested in anyone who’s heard back from Michigan. It’s my top choice and I met with a PI before applying, but now that I keep seeing people post acceptances I’m getting antsy 😅
  6. I have been accepted for the ILS program! I haven't committed yet but I think it's my top choice right now
  7. Better fit totally matters more than prestige. You have to want to be there, and if you see yourself at Colorado, go to Colorado. If nothing else, you already have that Hopkins name on your CV from undergrad, and you have those connections.
  8. How much does it really matter? All but one of the schools I applied to is R1, but the R2 is the only one I have a decision from so far (and it's an admit). So how much does it actually matter? For reference I am planning on going into academia after grad school.
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