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  1. Hey SpicyOranges! I just received an acceptance letter from UMichChemical Biology. I hope you got one too ❤️
  2. They went very well! The professors were kind, interesting, and really willing to learn about you! How about yourself?
  3. Was anyone else at the Chemical Biology program meeting for UMich??
  4. Hey I just got an email to be interviewed by them today. Apparently It is on Feb 19-20th
  5. I spoke to my POI and she told me that the acceptances should come out sometime in early February. They seem to be taking their sweet time lol
  6. Yes I would love to meet you at the Biophysical Society meeting! I went to the one last year and it was a very reward experience ^_^. I Really hope you get your green card!
  7. True 😅. I'm also nervous that multiple faculty will be interviewing us at once... haha
  8. I agree; it is pretty unique. I only learned about it because my PI of interest in the department told me to apply to it haha.
  9. I was also one of the rejects for Chemistry alone.
  10. Woah dude! You had interviews already? How were they lol? What did they ask?
  11. I'm sorry man. I think your experience is far greater than the rest of ours. Could the reason be because you applied late?
  12. Haha I guess we both love to design proteins. I'll most likely pick University of Michigan or Madison so if you decide to go there, let me know
  13. Did anyone else apply to the Chemical Biology program at University of Michigan? (This is a separate program for some reason lol).
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