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  1. Hi, does anyone applying for the doctoral program in Anthropology? I am looking for mate to exchange SOP and review for each other If anyone interested please send me a private message.
  2. Hi! Anyone applying for the doctoral program in Anthropology, especially for the Sociocultural track?
  3. What are UGPA and GGPA ?

    What are UGPA and GGPA?
  4. Fall 2018 Admission

    Hi, does anyone applying for Anthropology?
  5. Issue of invalid email address for recommendation

    Dear Takeruk, those email address I entered are all institutional working purpose one. I wonder that is anyone who applies for the same school list as mine confronted the similar issue here?
  6. My pleasure to trade with you and check for each other.
  7. Does anyone confront the same issue as mine? I am unable to save all of my recommenders in the section of recommendations successfully due to the issue of invalid email address. I am so sure of those email address I entered are correct and valid to use. This happened for application system of Virginia, UC Santa Cruz, Duke, and Georgia as well.