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  1. I have found a few PhD programs in Art Practice that have a Studio component such as UC San Diego & UC Irvine’s Visual Studies Programs. DFAs are more honorary but I also found quite a few programs in the UK with PhDs in Studio. In the US it is so rare and hard to come by. If anyone’s heard of any let me know!
  2. Good insight, I am currently having similar struggles contemplating whether or not to go for one of these programs, not to mention they are so rare and obscure to come by.
  3. Interested in applying for a PhD or DFA in Studio Art, but I am struggling finding programs. I plan to apply with the start date of Fall 2020 so I have a bit of time yet. So far the few programs I have found (in North America at least) in visual arts are more art history/art education versus the studio art/art practice aspect that I am wanting. Any insights? It doesn't matter to me which country.
  4. Anyone know of any good PhD programs that are very interdisciplinary with Visual Culture & Anthro?
  5. I am hoping to start a PhD program January 2020 but I do not know where to look, or how to apply. I want to go for Anthropology and most websites I have been looking on all say that they start in Fall only. Does anyone know of any universities starting in January or advice about starting then?
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