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  1. I'm going to add on to what tonydoesmovie and mbiochem have said. I'm a Baltimore native, I did undergrad @ Hopkins Homewood, and I'm currently living in the area. I live ~15 min walk from the campus, and I've never felt unsafe walking to and from my home even if it's really really late at night. I could seriously write an entire novel about how much I LOVE the city of Baltimore. I think it's the perfect city for a grad student: really really affordable, a myriad of cool things to do (for when you're not in lab!), easy to get around, close to a bunch of other cool cities (DC 1 hr, Philly 1.5 h
  2. Anyone else heading to CU Denver Fall 2018? I'll be attending the CSD PhD program at Anschutz Med.
  3. I'm currently deciding on PhD programs in cell biology. There's a lot of different factors making this decision difficult for me, and the Google machine's answers aren't making my head spin any less. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Some background: My undergrad is from Johns Hopkins University in molecular & cellular biology. I've really enjoyed my undergrad experience here, and Baltimore is a great place to live! Overall, JHU really launched my specific interests in research and I wouldn't be where I am (interviewing & accruing offers to PhD programs) without the fantast
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