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  1. I was rejected from UW Immunology on January 12. It was a generic rejection email.
  2. I think usually (based on past results for stanford biosciences in gradcafe) stanford biosciences interview invites usually come out all at once regardless of track. Plus, they almost always send the invites when they say they will (second week of January). For the past few years, invites have gone out towards the end of the second week of January, so I'm hoping they'll be consistent and we'll find out later this week. Good luck!
  3. Sure, no problem! I submitted the application October 18th. Yeah, I think it's weird that they send them out at different times. The interview dates they offered me were either March 1st and 2nd or March 1st and 5th. So given the late interview dates, maybe they'll still send out invites into January(?). One of my recommender's submitted their letter on November 25th, so my application wasn't entirely complete till then. Hope this helps.
  4. I also applied to UW-Immunology and BU-PiBS and haven't heard from either of them. BU-PiBS usually sends out invites just before Christmas and UW-Immunology sends invites the week of new year's. So we'll find out by the end of the month!
  5. I feel your stress! Can totally relate, I'm 0/10 so far.
  6. NYU and BU haven't sent invites out yet--I'm getting nervous about these too!
  7. I applied to UCSF (BMS)! They haven't sent anything out yet but I think they will by this week. I don't know this definitely because someone told me, I am just basing it off of previous years' timelines good luck!
  8. Of those schools I've only applied to BYu Vilcek. Historically, NYU sends out their interview invites by the end of this week--so if we get an interview we'll hear back then. Good luck!
  9. So I am not sure if the person that posted that they got an interview invite actually got it from BBS. There's another person who said they got an invite from Harvard BMS-Immunology, so idk if that's even really bbs too(?) Harvard does have a separate Immunology PhD program that is apart from BBS, so I figured maybe it's that. Historically, Harvard BBS invites come out all on the same day which is why I was skeptical when only one person posted.
  10. I applied to UPenn-CAMB-Cancer Biology and have not gotten an interview. Hopefully they come out this week for this track!
  11. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a while and figured what better time but now to join in on the anxious wait for interview invites! I applied to UPenn BGS, Yale BBS, Harvard BBS, stanford biosciences, BU PiBS, NYU Vilcek, JHU Immunology, UChicago Immunology, UWashington Immunology, UCSF BMS and hoping to do research in cancer immunology. Based on previous years, CAMB has usually sent invities over a 4-5 days period. So I'm still hoping to get an invite and think invites will by the latest come out by this Wednesday. Good luck!
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