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  1. The waiting is driving me insane lol and I don’t want to email and ruin my chances somehow but I’m so impatient. And oh yeah you should hear soon. hopefully they send them out like Friday or Monday.
  2. Omg that’s exactly my situation with UNC and duke it’s stressful and sucks not knowIng if you’re going to be far away or not. The visit weekend is the 12-13th but they are hosting other days if students can’t make it/if students are accepted past that date. I hope you hear back soon!
  3. I got my official offer today and it was a mix of teaching and research fellowships so maybe that’s why I heard a week or so sooner bc it wasn’t just a teaching one. I’m sure you’ll hear next week probably it seems like they are way behind
  4. Yeah I think it would be and rejects have already started being sent so I feel like you’d have to hear for an interview at least. And you’re basically in once you get the interview they are just making sure you are not an academic robot and can talk like a person lol
  5. I got interviewed at the end of January but I think the organic prof that interviewed me was ahead of the others and getting stuff done quickly. I also got that email so I feel like you’ll probably be contacted by the end of this week maybe. Idk so many schools are disorganized this year I wouldn’t worry too much especially since you’ve been in contact with faculty
  6. Have you interviewed with them? I got accepted last Monday but haven’t gotten my official offer letter from the dean yet
  7. If anyone else is waiting like me, Vanderbilt just emailed me back and said that results should be sent within the next two weeks
  8. I’m only assuming bc it seems like a lot of rejections went out already according to the grad student I talked to. I thought about emailing but I’m gonna wait a little longer before I do that
  9. I applied to 10 also and I am waitlisted at duke I think too. But yeah crossing my fingers both of us are high on those lists !!
  10. I guess there were a bunch of people not responding to the emails for it. Hopefully some of them turn down the offer sooner rather than later if they know they aren’t going to accept
  11. From what I understand I think we are waitlisted. I know a Chem grad student there and a bunch of ochem rejections went out already. We are probably waiting for students to start rejecting the offer to find out if we got in or if we are finally rejected. The first visit weekend was this weekend so hopefully we hear soon
  12. Has anyone heard from Vanderbilt yet? Still have heard nothing and I’m super impatient lol
  13. Yeah it’s very weird I wonder if it was sent out one day early lol and same but now I wanna know if I’m rejected or not
  14. Yeah I have no idea bc I know they sent out a bunch of acceptances early January but I didn’t know that organic wasn’t sent out yet. I was thinking of emailing to ask but at the bottom it noted that admissions can’t tell us anything and we need to check the portal lol
  15. I got the same thing and idk what it means either
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