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  1. Perception and Cognition Fall 2017 Applicants

    Thanks! Yes, that's the case also for my program, but I come with 2 years of funding from the Fulbright Scholarship. After that, I'd do the qualifying exam and all my international fees would be dropped, so I'd be in the same position as the rest of US students in the program.
  2. Declining Offer Thread

    Hi there, I will be declining offers from: Kansas State University: Psychology PhD program. Louisiana State University: Cognitive and Brain Sciences program Nebraska - Lincoln University: Psychology PhD program I have been accepted in my top choice!! Hope this helps somebody
  3. Berkeley, CA

    Hi there! I will be moving to Berkeley in August - September to start the PhD! I have no idea of where to start to look for a house. I won't be able to go there before summer (I assume by August all flats will be gone?) so, do you know of any complexes or flats that are safe to rent online? I would be moving with my partner (non student), and we are looking for a one bedroom flat (we don't want to share). Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Research & Programming Languages?

    Hi there! I have been for the last two years focusing on developing programming skills that would be necessary for my PhD, so I have some insight on this. If you have never ever ever done any programming, but you have some idea of stats because of your education, then start with R. I did it that way and it was super easy. I just learnt how to do some basic analyses, cleaning data, and stuff like that. I used Daniel Navarro's book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/daniel-navarro/learning-statistics-with-r/paperback/product-22049492.html and it was AWESOME (Im a bit of a stats freak as you can see). Then, once I knew the basics of how programming works, then I jumped into Matlab, which is necessary for almost all experiments (unless you use E-prime or Experiment Builder, but that won't take you too far). For that, I took a free (although if you pay 30 dollars you can get a certificate) coursera module called "Introduction to Matlab" or something like that, offered my University of Vanderbilt. It was very very good, in my opinion. They assume you know nothing about programming so they start from zero. When you finish the course you are able to understand most Matlab scripts and even write some complex programs. Also, check out this book, which is oriented to behavioural scientists: https://www.amazon.es/MATLAB-Behavioral-Scientists-David-Rosenbaum/dp/0805863192 I loved Matlab so much I have now started Java by using Processing. I have found out now that knowing R and Matlab makes understanding the rest of the languages super easy - they use the same idea but use different structure. I really think programming is nowadays necessary if you want to be an independent researcher, so you might as well start soon learning and loving it! Hope this helps
  5. UC Berkeley 2017

    Vision Science here too!
  6. Perception and Cognition Fall 2017 Applicants

    Just got accepted at UC Berkeley, Vision Science program!!!! I am so excited I can't even begin to describe it!
  7. @TakeruK so that means that my husband has to be on a health insurance plan (for example, the uni's one) from the moment we arrive in the US? Thanks again for the info!!
  8. Great! I'll ask the department then. I just need it while he applies for the EAD and finds a job (hopefully fast). Enjoy the "sunny" day
  9. Hi there!! Thanks a lot for all the info @TakeruK! I am in the same situation with my partner. I was wondering if you had any recommendations as for health insurance for those months in which he won't be working (while applying for EAD and after looking for a job). My scholarship provides me with an insurance but not him, so I am a bit scared that he won't be safe those months. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!!
  10. Harvard 2017 Psych Applicants

    Congrats for those who got in!!! At least now we now
  11. Harvard 2017 Psych Applicants

    Nice!! I guess it'll be bad news if I haven't heard anything so far anyways Thanks for the info tho!
  12. Harvard 2017 Psych Applicants

    Hey there again! Just trying one more time hehe - Has anybody heard from Harvard yet??
  13. Congratulations to you too @Merantau !!
  14. Davis, CA

    Hello again! I am starting to plan my arrival in Davis. I have talked to some of the graduate students in my program and they have told me most of the flats for next fall in Davis are gone by Spring and they have recommended me to look for something now. However, I am still in Europe and I won't be moving to the US until August (that's when my funding starts). I really cannot go before because I don't have the money for it. So, what do you recommend? I have hope that I will be able to find something nice in August, but maybe its completely impossible? thanks in advance for your advice!!
  15. Harvard 2017 Psych Applicants

    I talked to him before christmas, he said that he cannot directly recruit grad students for the Psychology program as he is in the medical school. He suggested he could co-advised.