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  1. Hey! So I went to undergrad at UTK and did an internship at OSU so I feel like I have to give my two cents! Transitioning from Knox to Stillwater was pretty easy. Knox generally has a pretty low cost of living and so does Stillwater so prices will be pretty similar, maybe a bit cheaper. The town has a vibe of being around campus, but will be pretty low population in summer, but that's nice because it's not crowded. People seemed nice, I easily fit in with the group I was working with and they showed me around a bit. Bigger cities are only about an hour away so if you need a change of sce
  2. Kayce

    Chicago, IL

    Other people gave good advice but I'm going to DePaul too! Woot woot!
  3. I was told by a prof at a school that she would give me an update on my app TODAY! but I haven't heard anything and I'm so impatient and I keep checking my email a billion times! I just need to know so that I can figure out which program to attend. WAITING IS THE WORST
  4. You could always write and ask for an update if you don't hear anything tomorrow. I did an REU at OSU and everyone in the psych department was super nice! Good luck!
  5. Hey! If you want to have an outside opinion, I'd be happy to give my input!
  6. I would say there is a possibility! Just gotta ask!
  7. Kayce

    Evanston, IL

    Hey there! So I live in Evanston (fancy pants suburb north of Chicago) and we moved in last year. You can't really plan too far ahead for these places because most of the time they put a place up and who knows when it will be gone. So if you look at apartments in June to move in July, you should be good. Just be ready to fill out all the paperwork and stuff either when you're there or soon after you get back cause those leasing agents will be pressuring you! Also! Leasing agents are free to work with here, so you can reach out to a few leasing companies and the agents will set up all the showi
  8. Honestly, your GRE and GPA are pretty low. I would say that if you contacted professors and have a really good research fit then you may be able to this year, but if not, just try to get more experience, improve your GRE and when you apply next year you should try to contact potential advisors before applying. Good luck!
  9. I think that's going to depend on the school/advisor. I had applied to a school for PhD and was told that she found my app more competitive at a MA level. She said she would be willing to take me on as a MA student and then I could transfer to PhD if I was doing well in the program. The thing was that there was no funding so..... I guess it depends on a lot of things!
  10. Not sure if this is helpful but for MS Integrative Bio we got an email from the head of the department and then an official email.
  11. Ohh I hope it's the funding. When the prof originally called me she said they had just finished their first round of screening so I don't *think* I'm in the second round. And their app due date was pretty late so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I was already feeling really anxious about sending the initial email so I didn't feel like pushing further into it. I figure I'm not rejected so that's good news. If I don't hear anything in another 2 weeks I think I may email again because by then we're really close to April!
  12. Hey there! So I'm confused about a situation with a PhD program. Here's the story: About 2 weeks ago I get a call from school and they're saying they're calling to see if I'm still interested and I say I am and then we chat for a few and she says she'll be in touch with more information about interviews and whatnot. So a couple weeks pass and I'm impatient and it's getting late in the application season so I sent an email and asked for a status update. She says my status is still "on hold" but that they're still interested in my application. Does this just mean they haven't made decisions yet?
  13. Congrats! When my bf got info on stipends last year it was always in the official letter so I'm sure it'll come along with that!
  14. Hey everyone! Has anyone heard from or applied to University of Illinois, Chicago's cognitive psych program?
  15. Hey guys! I just applied to developmental psych at Loyola and someone in the list asked who my POI is. I put Wakefield and Gamez in my SOP but was contacted by Li-Grining and she just wanted a call! But it was postponed and now I'm dying to know what it's about! Ah!
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