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  1. Dears, I have been accepted to Phd in chemical engg for the Fall 2018, but without any financial assistance. Is there anyone who got accepted and how to proceed for teaching/research assistantships? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, After unsuccessful applications last year, i have applied again this year for PhD. Anyone applied to South Carolina,Michigan Tech,Tulane,Tennessee Knoxville and Wyoming for the fall 2018? lets wait together.
  3. I had an interview a week ago with my POI.When can i expect the decision ? Should i mail him ? any suggestions?
  4. Hey, I dont know what it actually means in your case as you have applied for masters. you can try clicking on the Masters in chemical engineering and it may lead to the another program that they are considering you for. In my case, they rejected me for phd and admitted for masters.
  5. Dear all, Is there anyone accepted in Oklahoma state University? The graduate coordinator told me i will get the result by April 1. Its 6th today and nothing yet.
  6. Congratulations!! But i was rejected. Did you contact the professor before?
  7. I hope they do within couple of weeks after the deadline and some may also do on the rolling basis.
  8. Same here, in addition i scroll down posts in waiting it out for relief
  9. Dear all, I had an interview with my POI last week (Tuesday).He said that he will inform me within a week. But until today he has not replied. Should i mail him or wait? Please give some suggestions. Thank you
  10. @ohmy_QI think you have chances in University of Wyoming and Louisville. Try to talk with professor in the related field of research.By the way your verbal score is too low but quantitative score can support.So, there is possibility for admission without funding.Have some faith in yourself.
  11. Hey guys, most of us are facing the same situation. You can check with some lower ranking universities, they have late deadlines.But in those universities, it is suggested to talk to the professors before applying. I think you should apply one or two lower rank universities in the end of march.
  12. Anyone accepted for PhD (chem engg) oklahoma state university for fall 2017? Did you guys contact the professor before? How did you get the result? Did they email you or You checked in the tracker? I am still waiting for the response .
  13. Anyone accepted to UA,Tuscaloosa?
  14. In Tracking my application in Illinois Tech for PhD in Chemical Engineering, it shows decision: denied to applied(Check your email and other applications section for more information).In other application section they added masters in chemical engineering and status complete. What does it really mean? Does it mean i was denied for PhD and may be considered for Masters. And they have not mailed me yet.Has anyone faced similar situation? Please let me know.
  15. I saw two students are accepted for Masters in chemical Engineering @ IIT, what about PhD. Anyone ?
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