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  1. Most places know transcripts and GRE verification are out of your hands and are okay with them arriving a few weeks later. You’ve already entered grades and scores into the application. Admissions really just want to verify the scores are legitimate and most likely they will not review that until after the new year.
  2. Are you referring to OHSU-Portland State Public Health? I just received an acceptance to the MPH program there on Monday (April 23).
  3. Looks like I may have been rejected by NYU (SBS), per an email from a Professor I know there: "We hosted PhD interviews last week. I am not sure if the comittee will be going back to the pool of applicants. Please let me know how things go however. I think you have a lot of potential!" That's most likely a rejection right?
  4. I had spoke to my POI and the Dean frequently before and he assured me they would have full funding for my research interest. That's the only reason I applied.
  5. Just received this email from Rutgers today: Thank you for your recent inquiry to RUTGERS SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA. Please note that that the doctoral review committee was overwhelmed by the large volume of new applications that they received for the fall term, that the committee is still in the process of reading and evaluating all of the many application packages! As of now, the committee hopes to be able to notify the doctoral applicants regarding their Fall Admissions Decision within the next six or seven weeks. SIX OR SEVEN WEEKS
  6. Thank you. No I did not get an invite for interview, which has me concerned. However, the phone number on my application is off because I'm overseas so if they tried to call me, I would not have received it. However, I have not received any emails so I'm not sure what to think. I REALLY hit the off with the Professor I Skype with and she said I would be a perfect fit. NYU and one other school are my top choices... I hope to hear something soon, but as of yet I haven't even seen people post rejections. I'm guessing all of the top schools are really very far behind, as I've only seen people post
  7. Yes I am, Global Public Health, Social-Behavioral concentration. I just contacted my POI over the weekend but have yet to hear anything back. I'll post as soon as I know something... we had a 2 hour Skype chat a few months ago so I have a feeling she will tell me the inside scoop. What did you apply for?
  8. Is there a portal for Columbia SBS? NYU SBS? Harvard PHS? I've looked over the emails I received when I applied and don't see any portal information, so I was just curious if there is a URL I could go to. Also, would Sophas update if you are accepted/rejected/waitlisted?? thanks!
  9. Thanks for the feedback... I guess I'll just remain hoping for the best. I did talk to all my POIs before hand, with informal Skype chats, in some cases over 2 hours long. It was a really good fit, and my mentor who wrote a LOR is well-known by all of them. Even a rejection now would be nice because it would put be at ease that at least someone read my applications! I suppose one more week isn't too long to wait.
  10. Hey guys... I'm not sure what to think. I am seeing postings for interviews and accepts at programs I applied for but to date, I've heard nothing. I'm a bit freaked out. I know I'm an outstanding candidate (great SOP, LORs, past awards and publications) however my GRE was just average. I sent applications to Harvard PHS, Columbia, NYU and Rutgers... all for PhD in the Social and Behavioral concentration. I've been checking my email religiously and nothing. I can't believe I didn't even get an interview? The only issue might be that because I'm currently in Kenya doing research as a
  11. I'm currently on a Fulbright in Kenya, but I'm research not ETA. However, I remember last year all the ETAs got their assignments at the PDO in July, so that would certainly be after you have accepted.
  12. Hey Matt, good luck! I'm currently in Kenya on a student research grant and I'm really enjoying it here! My trip started off a little bumpy due to the political unrest, but I was able to adjust my project. My advice is be flexible... Kenya can through you some curve balls.
  13. Hey there, I am applying to a sociology/public health program. Want to swap SoP? Please send me a PM. Thank you!
  14. I'm planning to apply but I'm not sure if my discipline Social and Behavioral Sciences is eligible. It is a interdisciplinary field of sociology and public health with a heavy emphasis on research. Thoughts?
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