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  1. If a school says they would let me know AROUND April 15th with their decision, should I call or not call? ALSO: I have another school waiting to hear back from me by the 15th AND the school I am waiting to hear back from is my top choice. I am nervous that if I didn't hear back by now then I am probably not accepted but I have hope!
  2. No word from my top school Portland State for MPH! UMASS has given me until the 15th to accept or decline so fingers cross I hear back in the next couple of days from my top school!!!! Anyone hear back form Portland State: Masters?? Or have any advice for this situation?
  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I am currently waiting to hear back from Portland State University any day now,which is my top school. I am from the east coast and I will be moving west coast if I am accepted to Portland. How did you manage seeing or staying in touch with family or friends? And when you lived in Seattle, was it on your own or with somebody? Was working a part time and handling grad school course work with internships hard to do? I am worried about affording living, school on my own. I have done it for my undergrad all four years by working two part time jobs, president of a club
  4. MPhipps

    Amherst, MA

    Lets revive this! I have been admitted to UMASS Management and Policy graduate program. Wondering if there is anyone else in this program?
  5. I would love to know this too! I have done some research into it. I know some schools offer Graduate Assistant-ships for graduate students, which is something to maybe look into for each school! These positions sometimes offer to pay for some credits and will work with your schedule, again each school is different! Good luck and I wish you the best with your journey!
  6. I am still waiting to hear back from Portland State University for the fall of 2018. I applied for Health Management and Policy. I have waited roughly a month or so, I sent an email and I received an email stating I would hear by April 15th. Well, UMASS Amherst told me I have until April 15th to accept or decline their acceptance. Portland is my top school, the waiting is making me extremely tired.When should I send another email?Or should I just wait it out? Has anyone heard back from Portland? Has anyone been accepted into UMASS for their MPH?
  7. I have yet to hear back from Portland State University. I have been denied twice and accepted at UMASS Amherst for an MPH program. I emailed Portland last week and they responded by saying I would hear back by April 15th but it is killing me to hear back because this is my top school! I have until April 15th to hear back from Portland and UMASS gave me until April 15th to decide whether I will be accepting or declining the acceptance.....I am exhausted and so stressed because I need to start figuring out my plans for the summer but it ALL depends on Portland State.
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