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  1. What was the outcome? How did everything work out for you?
  2. You're not posting your anxiety - my goodness! Thanks for sharing your experience in this thread. I don't know if you really need to mention other acceptances. I would just stress your enthusiasm about this specific program and restate your interest and passion. Has anything happened since you last posted? Maybe there will be some movement as April 15 approaches!
  3. Well there's a good 3-4 weeks of movement left. Let us know how everything works out for you!
  4. Thanks for sharing your success story @CulturalCriminal! As for waitlist etiquette @worried2018, I only reached out a couple times to department grad admissions coordinators/admins to check on my waitlist status after a month or so. I took a pretty relaxed approach since it's pretty early in the season still for my program type, but I've read through a lot of threads and some people have had quite a bit of success by pinging programs regularly and staying in regular contact with POIs. I would just follow your instinct! Are you only on one waitlist? Are you accepted but waiting for a top c
  5. Well, I started this post for inspiration, but now I will post here to inspire others. After finishing interviews this cycle, I was waitlisted without interview at one university and waitlisted after interview at three universities. I have since been admitted to my top choice! I hope that others start getting admissions offers as those with multiple offers make decisions. The last few months have been such an emotional roller coaster!
  6. Can anyone share waitlist success stories to encourage others through the waitlist process? There are some similar old threads that have been encouraging to me in the past, and I would like to revitalize the conversation. Did you or anyone you know come out on top against all odds or start the season off only being waitlisted?
  7. This is my second round of applying after my MS, too, and I've been waitlisted at 2 programs after interview and at 1 program without being invited to interview. It's so frustrating to be SO CLOSE! I've been reading past success stories of getting off the waitlist against all odds, and that has been very helpful this morning. Let us know updates as you receive them, and I wish you the best of luck!
  8. I've read in a Mitch's guide (clinical) that typically there are 3-6 interviewees invited per open slot.
  9. My first-ever interview was awkward on all accounts. During my first conversation with the grad students I was staying with, we were talking about crisis line work and tricky cases. I mentioned that I had a suicidal consumer who smoked weed to relax, and I couldn't tell him to do it or not do it - who was I to say yes or no if it helped him. So I said to do what you need to do to take care of yourself. At this point, the grad students looked at each other so as to say "this candidate is talking about something risque". I guess it wasn't yet legalized medicinally here. Ironically, literature no
  10. Do you get the sense that all invitations have been sent out?
  11. @fenderpete. First, thank you for writing this! I've been seeing a lot of these posts, too, and the answer is: there isn't one! This is a nice guide, though. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned - too lazy to read through 43 pages of responses - but you should change your GRE reference. 700 is equivalent to very different percentile scores on new test format (97th for verbal and 59th for quantitative). Unless you meant combined score, for which there is no percentile equivalent. Either way, it's confusing and probably inaccurate. I'd just describe scores in percentiles, that way it doesn't
  12. Learn a new hobby, don't let yourself obsessively check things, focus on a new pub, savor the free time you have now to spend extra time with friends/family since that will go out the window when you start grad school
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