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  1. I will be attending for an MSW this fall. Wish our thread was a little more active or there was a Facebook page lol
  2. I'm posting about this literally just an hour before I'm supposed to be having a phone interview for the Hunter College msw application. It was scheduled only just yesterday, I got the email asking to pick a time and I let them know I would be needing a skype interview because I currently live in Chicago. They emailed back saying I would have to just have a phone interview and picked this time for today. I was really shocked because I thought they only did in-person and Skype group interviews and hadn't ever read anything here or anywhere else about phone interviews. I'm unsure if it's a solo or group interview, I also am unsure of how long it will last. Don't really know what to expect and just wanted to ask if anyone has ever had or heard of phone interviews from Hunter?
  3. I just found this because I'm in the exact situation. I was contacted to schedule an interview today but since I'm out of state, they asked me to do a phone interview tomorrow. Which is kinda strange, because I've never read anything about this school doing phone interviews, just group interviews in person or on skype. But I am going through with the interview. I did really want to go to this school, but after thinking hard on it, I decided to accept the offer from another because it was going to be cheaper. If I get into the other school, I'm not sure if anything will change, but I still would like to have the option if I change my mind.
  4. So I just checked my email to find an email from the dean's assistant of the school I am planning to attend this fall saying that they never received a response from me saying if I accepted or denied my offer of admission so they are rescinding my offer and have a nice life, basically. Now I personally handed in my intent to enroll form and a check for the fee to the dean's assistant like 2 weeks ago. She even emailed me back like an hour after I had turned it in, informing me that I had forgotten to endorse the check and that I needed to come back to the office and sign it, which I did the next day. And she knows who am because when I came in to sign it, I didn't even have to give her my name or tell her why I was there, she already knew I was back to sign the check. So I'm very surprised right now that they are saying I never responded back in time because I have loads of emails of correspondence with the dean's assistant and since I handed my paperwork in personally, I know it wasn't lost in the mail or something. Of course, I emailed the dean's assistant back immediately but got an automatic email sent back saying she's out of the office tomorrow so I guess I'll still call tomorrow to see if anyone answers. I'm kind of freaking out right now because even though I know they have my paperwork, what if they've already offered someone else my spot and I won't be able to get it back? Could that happen? Would they still not offer my spot back even if they were found in the wrong and it was a mistake on their end? Am I worried about nothing or am I right to be a little shaken up right now?
  5. Hello everyone, I just found this thread. My application was submitted and complete on 4/13 and my status has said pending program decision since a day after it was submitted. I haven't received any email for interview or any calls. Should I call them and ask about it? Do I just keep waiting it out? Idk if they're actually waiting to give me my decision or if my application just automatically went to pending decision and no one has manually changed it to pending interview. Also, UIC2018, I take it your username means you're attending UIC's 2018 fall program? Or maybe you're graduating from UIC soon? I'm graduating from here soon and was accepted into the 2 year program. I plan on going here if it's a no from Hunter.
  6. Thank you so much for replying! I decided to take a shot and submitted my app and everything is complete. Now just comes the wait. My application status has been pending program decision for a few days so idk what that means when it comes to the interview. I know I read on their site not all applicants are asked to interview, whether they're accepted or not. I'm just happy I haven't been rejected yet. I feel like I was really able to get across why I'm interested in social work and answer all their questions in my personal statement so I'm feeling very optimistic. No I'm just nervous about the decision deadlines coming up for my accepted schools, but I guess that's a good problem to have. I'm grateful to have gotten into any schools.
  7. Also my Hunter app just went from complete to incomplete because it's saying my transcripts were not received. But it says directly on the application not to send in official transcripts until you are offered admission and I double checked to make sure my scans of the unofficial transcripts were still upload, they are. Could I be receiving this incomplete notification because no one has reviewed the application yet?
  8. Hi everyone, I've recently discovered this forum and have been obsessed with it for days, which is good and bad because I learn so many useful things or see reassuring advice, but I also worry about getting to excited and hopeful and having my heart broken by being rejected. I am an undergraduate senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My major is psychology, minor is sociology and I've applied to 5 MSW programs for the fall of 2018. UIC's Jane Addams College of Social Work, Depaul University, Loyola University Chicago, the Institute for Clinical Social Work, and lastly the application that was submitted just yesterday, Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work. So far, I've been accepted in UIC, ICSW, and still waiting to hear back from LUC, Depaul, and Hunter. I originally only choose to apply to the four programs in Chicago because I thought moving out of state would be way too expensive and I was kind of scared that I couldn't live out of state on my own. When applying in December-January I briefly contemplated applying to programs in New York because I've always wanted to live there but I quickly gave up on the thought because I told myself it was too expensive to move/no one in my family would support me moving/and I was already struggling with applications fee and transcripts order fees for the few programs here in Chicago. I recently fell in love with Hunter's program and just knew I had to apply, so I scraped together money for the application fee and asked my recommenders if they wouldn't mind sending their letters to just one more school. I'm worried slightly about my chance of getting into Hunter this late in the season. I mean everyday from hour to hour, I tell myself it's all good, I'm a decent applicant and other times I feel like a complete loser and like Hunter is out of my league. I guess I just want to vent and also ask if any of you think I could swing it? I haven't really told anyone about applying to Hunter except my best friend and my recommenders, of course and I'm sure my friend is tired of hearing me blather about it all day haha. So like I said I'm at UG senior here at UIC, I transferred here two years ago after getting my AA in psych at a community college back home in Champaign. My GPAs at UIC are 3.0 overall and 3.2 for my major. GPAs at CC were 3.0 overall and 3.5 for my major. I have not taken the GRE because none of the programs I applied to required it, including Hunter. I've worked as a resident assistant at UIC for a year now, but have also kept a steady job since starting college in 2013, I was on the executive board of a community service and volunteer organization on campus called Alternative Spring Break, I've cheered on the university's competitive cheerleading team, I volunteer every holiday season with the Salvation Army with my mother who is a case worker for them in Atlanta, I worked for a year early on in my time in CC as an AVID tutor. If you're not familiar with AVID, it's a college readiness program for high achieving middle and high students from backgrounds less likely to go to college. I was also a student in this program in middle school so it was a personal honor to actually be involved as a tutor. I haven't worked in any research here at UIC or worked as a research assistant but I'm hoping all my other extracurriculars and volunteer work show that I am able to handle many things on my plate and am prepared for the challenges of graduate level coursework. Also in my time at UIC, I've been given the opportunity to help with administrative and registration tasks in preparation for the JACSW Training Institute for school social workers every summer since moving to Chicago in 2016. In addition to prep, I also assist in administrative tasks during the training institute and have been able to sit in on quite a few sessions, talked with a lot of school social workers in the field, and just get my foot in the door slightly when it comes to social work. I work primarily with one of the assistant clinical professors who puts on the event and her phd student that works with her, both of whom are 2 of my recommenders. And last but I hope not least, I recently was nominated and won UIC's 2018 Annual Chancellor's Student Service and Leadership Award so I hope that looks nice on my applications. I've noticed a lot of people on here when they speak about their Hunter interviews emphasize how important diversity is to Hunter. UIC is quite frequently ranked as one of the most diverse universities in the country and it's something the university is very proud about celebrating. In my time at UIC I can say that I have benefitted so much from the diverse student and faculty population here, especially within the campus housing department who is the largest student employer on campus and I have worked for my entire time here at UIC. So I think when it comes to speaking about diversity, I have a leg up, because it's all that's surrounded me for two years and something UIC is always focusing on. So I know that was a lot, thank you if you read it all haha. Do you think I have a shot at Hunter? Even if I applied this late in the season?
  9. I just submitted my application today and should have my LORs submitted in the next couple days and hopefully will have an interview soon. I decided on applying to Hunter a little late in the season, but I'm still really hopeful. I'm in UG in Chicago and all the other grad schools I've applied to are in Chicago. Hunter was my on New York school.
  10. Thank you, I hope you hear back from UIC and Loyola soon as well.
  11. I also applied to Depaul, Loyola, and recently Hunter College in NY even though it's really late in the application season, but I'm still hopeful. Hunter's deadline isn't until 4/30. All they said about financial aid was to go to the UIC snap page with your NetID and password and apply for scholarships there. I think I have to wait until after I submit my intent to enroll to hear about financial aid, which is kinda annoying because other schools will let you know upfront so you are able to weigh your options.
  12. Thanks! I'm really happy they got back to me so fast, I'm still waiting to hear back from other places and may have to ask them for an extension before I make my final decision because they only gave me until the 24th. I think it was my LORs that got me in, I waived my right to read them, but I'm sure my recommenders talked me up real good haha.
  13. Hi I've applied to JACSW for the standard 2 year program in Fall 2018 and I received my admit decision on 3/23. I submitted on 1/15, but wasn't able to pay the application fee until 3/21 because I was waiting on a decision on if I qualified for the uic free app program. I never heard back about the free app despite waiting so long so I just paid the fee and within 2 days I got an email saying I had been accepted and that they were still waiting to receive my transcripts, which were received the next day. My last LOR was submitted on 1/09. I also am currently an undegrad student at UIC majoring in psychology and graduating in May, so idk if that had anything to do with it.
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