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  1. I went to both of my accepted schools on non-visitation days. The school admissions person or graduate assistant set up meetings for me with faculty, students and gave me the opportunity to sit in on classes. It definitely felt more authentic as to what being at the school will be like. I had no issues when I explained that I simply was unable to travel on that set visitation date. They've accepted you, so they want you to come. If they are not flexible, I might wonder how flexible of a program that would be to participate in (unless they are on spring break, have conference conflicts, events, etc). I haven't gotten any kick back and one school even said for doctoral students its even better to come on non-visitation day as it can be more focused to you and your questions/experience. I hope this helps!
  2. When I interviewed with the Colorado School of Public Health for the DrPH (granted, different department/degree, etc.), they held to their time frames or were even a little bit earlier. They also told me two weeks and it was just a bit less than that. At this point, the schools have to know there is not much decision making time left so one would hope that they could not really drag it out.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with all of these posts. Assess your advisor's openness then do what is best for you! I have only had one bad experience asking for help and it was in an employment situation. In my MS, my professors were beyond helpful and understanding and supervisors at work have been supportive as well. If you work with the office of disability services you can request a reasonable accommodation and/or ideally they can help you with the self-advocacy skills to communicate what you need from your advisor. I wish you the best. I just know, if I had not asked for support, I would not have finished my program nor could I even fathom the idea of returning to school now 6 years later.
  4. Just got my rejection email from CSPH.
  5. Sorry to hear the feeling of lack of communication or flexibility, but glad to hear it is still going strong! Keep up the good work.
  6. Oh that's awesome! Double (Jumbo) congratulations then!
  7. I went to Tufts for my undergrad - that's a pricey place, so congrats on that funding! Their PH programs are great. I know they are not located on the Medford campus, but if you have any questions I could potentially help with, let me know.
  8. Hello all! I have been accepted to UIC for the PhD in Community Health Services and likely will be attending. Has anyone else been accepted, is thinking of attending, or is currently attending? I am going to the admitted students day on March 23, but do not know if that is just Public Health. I thought I would start a strand, regardless of discipline (I tried one in the Public Health section), to get to know people and/or see what their experiences here have been. Plus when we get down to it, things like what part of town are you going to live in, etc. Hope to hear from some people!
  9. Isn't that right, Lester? Calling random people Chad (or maybe Tammy/Becky) is always the best insult. [sorry to the Chads and Tammys and Beckys of the world]
  10. @lincoln.hawks This waiting game is killing me. They said early March at the latest, but they were hoping this week. I'm hoping this means all my waiting will be done this week. Seems like it is such a small program not too many applied? Or they just don't obsess over access this website? @Lrm72@boisdejasmin@drph_324 My DrPH Health Behavior acceptance email said the same thing about who to contact about financing but the attached 'official letter' said: "Additionally, I am pleased to inform you that you have been recommended as a candidate for a Graduate Assistantship. Details about the assistantship opportunity will follow in an official letter." Sure would be nice to know what that means...or when the official letter mentioned in my official letter will come Congrats all!
  11. I think I'm more addicted to this forum and reading people's responses then I am to even finding out my own final decisions. At this point, like people have said, I just want to know, but I might keep stalking people's high-quality reactions to acceptances and rejections.
  12. Yeah the only Health Behavior one I see was no interview. I get that there is a universal acceptance deadline of April 15, but why can't there be a universal notification deadline? And why can't that date be like 2 weeks ago...
  13. I'm sorry to hear about the GWU rejections. Did anyone who interviewed hear anything back?
  14. Thank you! Sorry for the clarification question, I previously had a long conversation with someone before we found out we were talking about two different schools. At this point, I just want to know, so this helps considerably.
  15. GW as in George Washington University? Did they say all doctoral applicants from all departments, etc.? Oh goodness. Been waiting ages for that if it is accurate.
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