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  1. DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    Yeah the only Health Behavior one I see was no interview. I get that there is a universal acceptance deadline of April 15, but why can't there be a universal notification deadline? And why can't that date be like 2 weeks ago...
  2. DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    I'm sorry to hear about the GWU rejections. Did anyone who interviewed hear anything back?
  3. DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    Thank you! Sorry for the clarification question, I previously had a long conversation with someone before we found out we were talking about two different schools. At this point, I just want to know, so this helps considerably.
  4. DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    GW as in George Washington University? Did they say all doctoral applicants from all departments, etc.? Oh goodness. Been waiting ages for that if it is accurate.
  5. Oh man. Duke Nukem. That's a throwback I have not thought about in quite some time.
  6. You'll notice a lot of the schools are misspelled and I do not think it is on purpose (though very amusing). I know that when you start to type it in, you pick some of the first ones that pop up and the most popular ones are typically odd - but you don't notice right away! The most common MIT posting spells Massachusetts with 3 a's (Massaaachusetts), the University of Washington Seattle one starts with a quotation sign, etc. It's like it incorrectly auto-corrects it for you based on what you start to put in and whichever is most used. I inadvertently reported receiving an answer from the wrong program because I typed in the major and Grad Cafe changed it for me without me noticing. It's a very weird situation. In spite of all that, yes, I chuckle every time a school or discipline is spelled wrong. My personal favorite is that Physics defaults to "Physics" as though the website thinks it is a pseudo degree.
  7. LOL! Love it. I'm glad they're an OK dancer, more than I can say.
  8. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I am sorry for your radio silence. I know I have been getting most of my contacts through email or school portals if they have them. However, some interviews were set up by phone. I would recommend reaching out by email or Skype to follow up. I have been if I am concerned, and schools are used to that. I think mentioning that you are in Kenya as a Fulbright Scholar (because how cool is that?!) and are concerned you have missed phone communication as a result is a perfectly legitimate reason to follow up on your application! They may let you know they have not sent out information, or if you are waitlisted/rejected you could inquire as to what you could do to make your application stronger next year. Plus, then at least you know? I spoke to someone who got no email or notification when everyone else did last week but today finally had a change in her portal that let her know she was waitlisted. That is the most recent update I have heard since that wave last week. Oh my goodness. That fact that you know her makes it so much better. She looks so happy and beautiful. I hope she does not find out her face taunts us all.
  9. DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    [insert the two hands up 'hallelujah' emoji here]
  10. Congratulations!! I also whole-heartedly support your decision to seek support during this transition too. While the application and rejection process is difficult, remember that transition and change, while positive, are also stressors and academics are stressful too. I really struggled through my MS and without a counselor and my support network I would not have made it through. So do what ever you can do to ensure you are safe and supported; that way you can revel in your success and not resent your time or potential 'misery' in this exciting new endeavor!
  11. Mine was so similar to these - but more in the tongue tied manner! I had reserved conference room at work and was anxiously waiting for my phone interview for a program high on my list when I randomly re-checked my number one school's portal. It has changed to Admitted since I had checked it an hour earlier. I coudl not believe it, and I couldn't express words. My interview was in 5 minutes and I was without words. It was a huge confidence booster, but also, I was so flustered I completely brain farted on the interview I was called into. It did not go very well as I was so frazzled...oops. Oh well I guess!
  12. Chicago, IL

    I'll likely by attending UIC in the fall and have friends all over the city. I love a lot of their neighborhoods, especially on the northern side of the city, but in terms of convenience and affordability, we will be moving to Pilsen. There are amazing restaurants and bars, but also a less crowded and more comfortable atmosphere. I also like that good chunks of it are not completely gentrified. It reminds me a lot of where we live now.
  13. As someone who attended an unfunded MS, if you have the option not to do it, do not do it. At the time, a PhD was not the plan, but it will follow me around for the rest of my life. If your ultimate goal is to get a PhD, I would either accept the funded opportunity, or like another user suggested, do what you need to do to increase your competitiveness and re-apply next year. Your end goal after completion is key.
  14. GRE scores for PhD

    I agree with the other posters. Ideally your other scores would not go down, but if you have the time and money, getting your quantitative score up will be helpful. If it does not improve, you could always use Score Select and choose which scores get sent to the schools. Or if you send all the scores they'll see the history of higher scores. I think the importance depends on the school. They really do look at the application all around (faculty fit, letters, statement of purpose, etc. are very important), but I know in terms of funding, fellowships, or RA positions, there may be more concrete score cut offs for eligibility. When applying for grants some schools like to cite their average RA's GRE percentiles to improve changes of funding.
  15. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I'm with you. Especially to have time to visit before April 15th if needed. My March work schedule is practically full so if I need to take some days off to visit somewhere, I need to know now! Also cause my brain can't handle this stress anymore.